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John and Vera Eccles Photograph Collection

Identifier: P-185


This photograph collection was donated with the John and Vera Eccles Manuscript collection. The photographs are broken up into two parts, professional and personal. This collection contains the personal photographs of John David and his family. There are three main series to this collection, Photographs, Negatives, and Slides.

The Photograph series is broken up into sub-series of Families with the rest of the photographs being listed as Extended Family, Events, Buildings and Miscellaneous. The families are John and Shirlie, John and Vera and David Eccles. John and Shirlie contains all the photographs of them and their children and families. John and Vera follow the same pattern. The David Eccles includes the rest of the Eccles family that does not fall into the other two but are still related to the David family. Events include family gatherings, birthdays, funerals and unknown gatherings.

The Negatives series contains negatives, some of which correspond with the photographs in the Family series. Those negatives are stated as such.

The Slides series contain close to 5,000 slides of family, home construction and trips. Some of the slides correspond with photographs, but not all are stated as such. There are also glass slides and oversized slides.


  • Creation: 1900 - 1990


11 Boxes

Language of Materials




John and Shirlie Eccles Family

FD 1 John David Eccles

P1 Formal portrait of John around age 10

P2 Formal portrait of John around age 10

P3-4 Two Formal portrait of John as young adult, in suit and tie

P5-8 Four Formal portrait of John, all from the same sitting, four different poses

P9-10 Two Formal portrait of John with mustache, from the same sitting

P11 Formal portrait of John with full beard and holding pipe

P12 Formal portrait of John smoking a pipe

P13 Formal black and white portrait of John, almost mad look on face

P14 Formal portrait of John with mustache in plaid suit

P15 Formal portrait of John with full beard in plaid suit standing by chair

P16 Formal portrait of John with full beard, black and white with hand on chin

P17 John sitting at table with pipe in mouth

P18 Polaroid of John with cracks at bottom of picture

P19-20 Two polaroid’s of John in same suit, one wearing glasses.

P21 John standing at table with dishes in front of him

P22 Passport photographs of John

P23 Polaroid of John with wires attached to head, black back to photograph

P24 Older John in hat and sunglasses

FD 2 John David Eccles with Others

P1 On front steps of Shoreham John is on back row

P2 John David with pipe in mouth, sitting at table with unidentified male

P3 John David with Skip and Donna Scoville and unknown others

P4 John David sitting at table with two adults

P5 Group photo of 3rd annual IPPA Intermountain School, BYU, June 3-9, 1962, with John in 4th row

P6 John David in front with group holding piece of paper

P7 Grainy picture of John David with unidentified men

P8 John David with unidentified male in souvenir shot

P9 John David sitting with Photographer Merritt Smith and others around table at event

P10 Group photo with John David poking his head out at event

P11 Polaroid of John David with couple posing around table

P12 Group photo with John David posing around old camera

P13 John David eating with Vera and unknown others

P14 John David with perhaps Vera in photo gallery (See box 5 FD 7)

P15 John David in ground breaking ceremony with Vera and other Eccles

P16 John with Vera and unidentified man without shirt on, August 1989

P17 John holding Ballet West book with unknown others

FD 3 Shirlie Scoville Eccles

P1 Formal portrait of toddler Shirlie, with inscription, “with love Shirley”

P2 Formal portrait of toddler Shirlie sitting in white dress

P3 Postcard portrait of young Shirlie with waves and roller coaster in background

P4 Formal portrait of Shirlie approximately age 4, standing by coffee table

P5 Formal portrait of Shirlie as young girl sitting with necklace and bracelet

P6 Wallet size formal portrait of Shirley sitting in coat and hat

P7 Formal portrait of Shirley as girl wearing pearls

P8 Formal portrait of Shirley as young woman with inscription, “as ever, Shirlie”

P9 Formal “color” portrait of Shirlie as young adult with inscription, “with all my love Shirlie,” and writing on back of portrait

P10 Formal portrait of Shirlie as young adult with inscription, “to dearest Johnny form Shirlie with lots of love”

P11 Formal portrait of Shirlie as young adult

P12 Formal portrait of Shirlie as young adult wearing pearls

P13-17 Five black and white photos of Shirlie sitting at kitchen table

P18 Shirlie posing on a chair

FD 4 With Shirlie Eccles

P1-2 Two of Shirlie with unidentified women at same social event

P3 Shirlie holding cup with unidentified woman at event

P4 3x3 strip shot of three photos with Shirlie at unknown event, one with band playing

FD 5 Shirlie Eccles with Children

P1-5 Five Photographs of Shirlie giving a bath to Marriner Val

P6 Shirlie holding infant by car

P7 Shirlie holding toddler by fence gate

P8-9 Two of Shirlie walking with M. Val by side of house

P10 Semi-formal of Shirlie holding toddler, perhaps M. Val

P11-12 Two of Shirlie scolding M. Val

P13-14 Two of Shirlie dressing a toddler, Perhaps M. Val

P15-16 Two 8x10 with Shirlie at poolside with M. Val and David C.

P17-18 Two 2x3 of older Shirlie holding an infant

FD 6 Marriner Val Eccles

P1-5 Five photos of infant in bassinet, perhaps M. Val

P6 Photo of naked infant M. Val on blanket

P7-8 Two of toddler M. Val, same sitting all on the floor

P9 Toddler M. Val sitting on porch in sailor outfit and hat

P10-13 Four of toddler M. Val playing in yard with or near a wagon

P14 Toddler M. Val in sitting in a crib in yard

P15 Toddler M. Val in bathtub

P16-17 Two of toddler M. Val sitting in horse rocker

P18-19 Two of toddler M. Val sitting in high chair with birthday cake

P20-22 Three 5x7 of toddler M. Val sitting in a chair

P23-24 Toddler M. Val in bathtub

P25-26 Preschool age M. Val sitting in chair with camera bag around neck

P27-28 Two 8x10 of toddler M. Val riding tricycle

P29 Formal portrait of preschool M. Val posing unhappily in chair

P30 Preschool age M. Val walking out door holding a box

P31-32 M. Val elementary school pictures

P33 School photo of M. Val with cardboard back

P34 School photo of M. Val as teenager

P35-36 Two of M. Val as teenager in military academy uniform

P37 Elementary class picture with M. Val in front row

P38-39 Two elementary class pictures, same class different adults, with M. Val in front row

FD 7 David C. Eccles

P1-2 David as toddler standing near a bookcase

P3-4 Two formal portrait of David as young boy, mounted on cardboard

P5 School portrait of David, maybe sixth or seventh grade

P6 David sitting at kitchen table in a robe

P7 Formal portrait of David, for school of mission

P8 Formal portrait of older David with books in hand

P9 Formal portrait of David in cap and gown

P10 Formal portrait of David after marriage, wedding ring visible

FD 8 Carol Orson Eccles (David C. Eccles wife)

P1-3 Three photographs of Carol cut from a proof sheet from a formal portrait sitting

P4-11 Proof sheets of Carol from same formal portrait as P1-3

P12 Formal portrait of Carol sitting with hands folded near chin

P13 Formal portrait of Carol standing

P14 Formal portrait of Carol, close-ups

P15 Polaroid of Carol sitting in a chair

FD 9 Carol Eccles with Children

P1 Proof sheet of formal portrait with Carol holding son Chad

P2 Formal portrait of Carol holding chad, same sitting as P1

P3-4 Two formal portrait of Carol sitting holding chad

FD 10 David C. and Carol Eccles Children

P1 Formal portrait of Baby Chad on stomach

P2-3 Two Formal portrait cut from proof sheet of baby Chad

P4 Formal black and white portrait of baby Chad sitting

P5 Formal portrait of toddler Chad sitting next to toy

P6-8 Three formal portrait of toddler Chad, with strange backing on each photo

P9 One three photo proof strip of toddler chad in same sitting as P6-8

P10 Formal portrait of toddler chad, same sitting as P6-8

P11 One three photo proof strip of toddler chad sitting for formal portrait

P12-14 Three formal portrait of baby Camille sitting in pink outfit, all with strange back

P15-16 Two of baby Camille sitting in blue dress, both with strange back

P17-18 Two three photo proof strip of baby Camille, same outing as P15-16, both with strange back

P19-20 Two of baby Camille, same outing as P15-16

P21 Formal portrait of toddler Camille sitting in chair

P22 Formal portrait of toddler Camille sitting and crying

P23 Formal portrait of Chad and Camille, Chad standing Camille sitting

FD11 Lisa Elaine Eccles Waters McKnight

P1 Formal black and white portrait of toddler Lisa holding a balloon

P2 Formal color portrait of Lisa holding a stuffed animal

P3 Formal portrait of elementary age Lisa with strange back

P4 School portrait of Lisa with bow in hair

P5 School portrait of Lisa a little older than P4

P6 Formal portrait of Lisa in prom dress

FD 12 Tonya Waters

P1-2 Two Formal portrait of baby Tonya sitting, one with cardboard backing

P3-4 Two Formal portrait of baby Tonya sitting in pink dress and bow

P5-6 Two Formal portrait of baby Tonya sitting in blue dress with a kitty on it

P7 Formal portrait of toddler Tonya, close-up with pink bow in hair

P8-16 Formal portraits of toddler Tonya sitting in plaid dress

P17 School portrait of Tonya perhaps second grade

P18 Tonya Waters laying on couch pretending to sleep

FD 13 John Alva Eccles

P1 Pink hued photographs of toddler John Alva sitting in small chair

P2 Toddler John Alva in high chair eating

P3-5 Toddler John Alva sitting near an open closet

P6-7 School photo of John Alva, perhaps first grade

P8-9 School Photograph of John Alva, perhaps second of third grade

P10 School photo of John Alva perhaps fourth grade

P11 Formal portrait of John Alva holding books

P12-13 Two formal portraits of John Alva holding coat over his shoulder

P14-15 Two formal portraits of John Alva as a teenager

P16 Photograph of teenage John Alva sitting in a chair

P17 Teenage John Alva talking on the telephone

P18 Adult John Alva standing by grill, September 1987

FD 14 James Ian Eccles

P1-2 Formal portrait of baby James Ian

P3 Baby James crying

P4-8 Five of baby James posing for formal portrait

P9-10 Formal portraits of toddler James holding stuff animal

P11-12Formal portraits of preschool James wearing a coat

P13-20 Eight photographs removed from a mobile, double sided of preschool James

P21-22 James holding a Christmas bag, wearing a hat, for a Christmas card

P23 School picture of James about third grade

P24 School picture of James about fourth grade

P25 School picture of James about sixth grade

P26 School picture of James about seventh grade

FD 15 John and Shirlie Eccles Children, Grandchildren, Group Photos

P1-2 Two of baby M. Val with woman, perhaps Barbara Scoville, February 1946

P3 Baby M. Val with unidentified baby sitting on a blanket

P4-5 Two of toddler M. Val with unidentified girl sitting

P6 M. Val and David C. posing in backyard near wooden fence

P7-8 Portrait of M. Val with baby David C. cut from proof sheet

P9 James Ian Eccles with one of the seven dwarves

P10-12 Three of Tonya Waters and unknown boy sitting in front of fireplace

P13-14 Two of unidentified boy, sitting in chair and laying on couch


John and Vera Eccles Family

FD 1 Vera Eschler Eccles

P1 Grade school aged Vera with inscription, “Aunt Vera Eschler”

P2 Blurry photo of Vera as young woman

P3 Portrait of Vera with inscription “My foster-mother Vera Rudd” 1956

P4-5 Two formal portraits of young woman Vera, same sitting as P3

P6 Winter scene with inscription, “Winter on Stephens Ave. Ogden. See the pretty frost on the trees”

P7 Vera standing next to house, with inscription

P8 Vera walking along sidewalk with in winter, Stephens Ave.

P9-11 Three formal portraits of younger Vera

P12 Formal portrait of Vera hair short with earrings

P13-14 Formal portrait of Vera hair short with button up shirt

P15 Formal portrait of Vera with what looks like blonde hair

P16 Vera in bathing suit sitting on a blanket

P17 Vera sitting in 1940s Ford

P18 Damaged photo of younger Vera working at desk

P19 Vera working at desk

P20 Formal portrait of Vera in polka dot dress

P21 Formal portrait of Vera with hole in top of photo

P22 Vera posing at unknown event

P23-24 Formal portrait of Vera holding a book of gray and color control patches

P25-29 Five polaroid’s of Vera different poses

P30 Vera sitting at table with hand on chin

P31 Vera playing mini piano

P32-35Four proof sheets from formal portrait sitting, all with photos missing

P36-39 Four formal portrait, different poses, same sitting as P32

P40 Proof sheet of formal portrait of Vera, with earrings and no glasses

P41-50 Formal portrait of Vera, same sitting as P35

P51-52 Two passport photos of older Vera

P53-56 Formal portrait of Vera as older woman with shoulder length gray hair

P57 Formal glamour side shot of Vera

FD 2 Vera with Others and Her Family

P1 Girl standing next to house, with inscription, “Janet”

P2 Vera standing with perhaps Janet next to house

P3 Vera holding Janet with inscription, “Janet and Vera”

P4 Two girls standing by fence, with inscription, “Aunt Vera and Aunt Lois Eschler on Stephens Ave.”

P5 Three kids posing next to house with inscription, “Chad Clark, Vera Eschler and Kathryn Mattson

P6 Formal portrait of two women, one possibly Vera

P7 Woman sitting with baby on lap, one possibly Vera

P8 Two women sitting next to car, one possibly Vera

P9 Three children posing next to house, with inscription, “Doris, Anna and Jennet

P10 portrait of woman, with inscription, “To Vera love Shirley”

P11 Vera’s elementary class photo

P12 Vera’s elementary class photo, all kids holding open books

P13 Vera and two unidentified individuals drinking at an event

P14 Vera in group photo with women at event

P15-16 Vera and unidentified women posing on hood of 1960s Ford

P17 Vera posing near lake with unidentified people

P18 Vera posing on blanket with two unidentified males

P19 Vera posing with her Sunday school class

P20-21 Vera posing with women and David O. MacKay

P22 Vera posing with group of women, with inscription, “We wish you a Merry Christmas and a very happy new year love Vera and Cheri”

P23 Vera with receiving award for photograph of Carol Eccles and her son Brandon

P24 Vera speaking at Tree of Life School, May 1982

P25 Vera with Sarah and Ruby Eschler with other women at unknown event

P26 Older Vera posing with three unidentified women

FD 3 Vera on outing with Girlfriends

P1 Vera getting into 1940s Ford

P2-5 Vera and unidentified woman posing near 1940s Ford

P6 Vera posing on old farm equipment

P7 Unidentified woman posing on old farm equipment

P8 Vera and two unidentified women posing on old farm equipment

P9-10 Vera posing by tree with unidentified women

P11 Two unidentified women posing by tree

P12 Vera and two unidentified women

P13 Vera and two unidentified women posing by “Dump No Rubbish” sign

FD 4 David Albert V. Eccles

P1 Formal portrait of David as baby with stuffed animal

P2-3 Two formal portrait proof sheets of David as toddler

P4 Portrait of David as toddler sitting in front of fireplace

P5 Black and White photo of David as toddler outside

P6-7 Two proof sheets of formal portrait of David as young boy

P8-9 Two proof sheets of formal portrait of David in tennis outfit

P10-11 Two formal portraits, same sitting as P8

P12 David with unidentified others posing by fireplace

FD 5 Sarah E. Eccles

P1 Portrait of Sarah as toddler in dress and bonnet

FD 6 David A. and Sarah E. Eccles

P1 Portrait of David and toddler Sarah sitting on deck

P2-3 Two formal portrait proof sheets with David and Sarah individually

P4-5 Two of David and Sarah holding balloons on a deck

P6-12 Seven of David and Sarah posing for formal portrait, May 1979

P13 Older Sarah and David posing in backyard, September 1987

Family Portraits

FD 7 John and Shirlie Eccles and Family

P1-3 Formal Portrait of John and Shirlie, with John in uniform with inscription on one

P4 Formal portrait of older John and Shirlie

P5-6 Formal portrait of John, Shirlie and kids, circa 1950s

FD 8 M. Val and Valerie Eccles and Family

P1-2 Formal portrait of M. Val and Valerie

P3-4 Portrait of same with daughters

P5 Portrait of same with older daughters

P6 Formal portrait of same with teenage daughters

FD 9 David C. and Carol Eccles Family

P1-4 Formal portraits with two children cut from proof sheets two still in strips

P5-6 Two formal portrait proof sheets of same

P7-8 Two formal portraits of same

P9-10 Two portraits of same

P11 Portrait of same with three children

P12 Formal portrait of same with five children

FD 10 Lisa and Marshal Waters Family

P1 Portrait of Lisa and Marshal with children

FD 11 John David and Vera Eccles

P1 Portrait of John and Vera with young David A. and baby Sarah

P2-3 Formal Portrait of same, children older, strange substance on back

P4-5 Portrait of John and Vera circa 1970s

P6 Portrait of same at event

P7-8 Formal portrait of same circa 1980s

P9 Formal portrait proof sheet of kids same sitting as P8

P10 Formal portrait of same, same sitting as P8

P11 Formal portrait proof sheet of John, Vera and kids, same sitting as P8

P12-13 Formal portrait of same

P14-18 Formal portrait of John and Vera sitting at piano, circa 1980s

P19-20 Formal portrait of same with kids, same sitting as P14

P21-22 Formal portrait proof sheets of John and Vera circa late 1980s

P23-24 Formal portrait of same, same sitting as P21

P25 Formal portrait proof sheet of kids, with unknown girl, same sitting as P21

P26-27 Formal portrait of same, same sitting as P21

P28-30 Formal portrait proof sheets of John, Vera and kids, same sitting as P21

P31-32 Formal portrait of same, same sitting as P21

P33-35 Formal portrait of John and Vera, circa 1990s

P36 Formal portrait of kids, same sitting as P33

P37-40 Formal portrait of John, Vera and kids, same sitting as P33

P41 Polaroid Portrait of family dressed in old fashioned attire

FD 12 John David Eccles with Children and Grandchildren

P1 Portrait of John David with his sons

P2 Portrait of same with his daughters

P3 Portrait of same with John Alva, James Ian, David A. and Sarah

P4 Portrait of same with his grandchildren

P5 Portrait of same with his children

P6 Portrait of same with his children and their spouses

P7 Portrait of same with all his children, their spouses and his grandchildren with letter on back of photo

P8 Portrait of older John David with his sons

P9 Portrait of same and his children same sitting as P8

P10 Portrait of same with James Ian, David A., and Sarah, same sitting as P8

P11 Portrait of same with his grandchildren same sitting as P8

P12 Portrait of same with his children and their spouses, same sitting as P8

P13 Portrait of same with children, their spouses and grandchildren, same sitting as P8 with paper copy of same picture

P14 Portrait of John Alva and unknown woman, same sitting as P8

P15 Proof sheet of James Ian, David A. and Sarah

David Eccles Family

FD 13 Family Portrait

P1-2 Formal Portrait of David and Ellen Eccles Family

FD 14 Ellen Stoddard Eccles

P1 Ellen in front of house circa 1940

P2-3 Formal portrait of Ellen circa 1930s

P4 Handed tinted formal portrait of P2

P5 Ellen with grandchildren, Nancy, Magnon Caine, Barbara and Maysie

FD 15 Marriner Stoddard Eccles

P1 Missionary photo, circa 1910

P2-3 Formal portrait of Marriner circa 1920

P4 Formal portrait of Marriner with cardboard back, circa 1930

P5 Formal portrait of same circa 1935

P6 Marriner posing on couch

P7-8 Formal portrait of same, one with cardboard back, circa 1940

P9 Formal portrait of same with inscription, “To Johnny with love and best wishes dad.”

P10-11 Formal portrait of same, two different sittings, circa 1950

P12 Formal portrait of same sitting in front of Federal Reserve

FD 16 Marriner Stoddard Eccles with Others

P1 Marriner in boat with two unknown women

P2-3 Hunting trip with Marriner and unknown others

P4 Marriner with group of businessmen around table, October 2, 1935

P5 Marriner around conference table with unknown men

P6 Marriner with three unknown men

P7 Marriner with unknown child on lap

FD 17 Marriner Stoddard Eccles Photograph Book. All photographs taken by Saturday Evening Post photographer, with letter dated December 16, 1947

FD 18 May Campbell Young Eccles

P1 Cut formal portrait of May circa 1910

P2-3 Three formal portraits of same mounted in cardboard covers circa 1915

P4 Formal portrait of same circa 1915

P5-7 Four formal portraits of came, three mounted in cardboard covers, same sitting as P5

P8 Formal portrait of same circa 1920

P9-12 Four formal portrait of same in different poses, circa 1925

P13 May standing next to door circa 1940

P14 May with her parents, Sarah and John young

P15-16 May with her mother Sarah standing next to 1936 Ford

P17 May playing golf circa 1940

P18 May with son, John David circa 1930

P19-20 Three portraits of May waving, one mounted in cardboard cover, circa 1960

P21 Portrait of May shortly before her death


David Eccles Family

FD 1 May Campbell Young Eccles with Others

P1 May standing in front of building with Shirlie, Marriner S., Harold and Eleanor Steele, Eloise, and Marriner Campbell Eccles

P2 May having hand kissed by Mr. Gibson

P3 May sitting at table talking to unknown others

P4 May in group photo with inscription, “To remember lovely visitors and a great trip. Frank E. Moss U.S.S. Utah”

FD 2 Eleanor Eccles Steele

P1 Toddler Eleanor with unknown child

P2 Portrait of toddler Eleanor

P3 Eleanor holding baby Maysie

P4 Eleanor with unknown woman on horse track

P5 Eleanor at beach resort

P6 Formal portrait of Eleanor as young woman

P7 Eleanor with infant on lap and toddler standing in front of her

FD 3 Harold and Eleanor Steele

P1-2 Eleanor and Harold in child’s bedroom, one with Marriner

P3 Harold Eleanor and unknown woman ice-skating

FD 4 Maysie Ellen Eccles

P1-2 Formal portrait of Maysie as baby

P3-8 Six Formal portrait of Maysie sitting naked, various poses

P9 Formal portrait of same mounted in cardboard frame, same sitting as P3

P10 Pencil sketch of P3

P11-14 Four formal portraits of Maysie in floral dress

P15-19 Five portraits of Maysie in bathing suit, one mounted in cardboard frame

P20-26 Seven formal portraits of Maysie holding a doll

P27-32 Five formal portraits of Maysie wearing bomber hat

P33 P20 and P27 mounted in cardboard cover

P34-39 Maysie outside in floral outfit

P40-44 Maysie playing in sandbox

P45-48Maysie playing on rocking horse outside

P49-52 Maysie outside in bonnet

P53-64 Maysie playing outside, different poses

FD 5 Maysie Eccles with Others

P1-11 Maysie playing outside with sister Eleanor

P12-15 Maysie playing outside with cousine Hope Eccles, one of just Hope

P16-24 Maysie having tea outside with cousin Hope and unidentified girl

FD 6 Barbara Eccles

P1 Formal portrait of Barbara, February 12, 1952

Extended Family

FD 7 Charles Stuart Eccles

P1-2 Charles posing with perhaps Donna Scoville

P3 Charles sitting on couch

FD 8 John H. Eccles, Jr.

P1-5 John H. with unidentified others

FD 9 Ruby and Victor Eschler

P1-3 Anniversary Party with Vera, Ruby, Victor, John and unknown others

P4-6 Formal portrait of Ruby and Victor, different shadings

P7-8 Victor’s Funeral, graveside

FD 10 The Jessop’s

P1 Dennis Jessop

P2 Delmont and Dennis Jessop

P3 Albert Jessop

P4-5 Martha Dawn (Allie Jessop’s daughter)

P6 Unknown Jessop

FD 11 Skip and Donna Scoville

P1 Donna sitting in chair

P2 Formal portrait of Donna circa 1940

P3-4 Skip sitting in chair, one reading a newspaper

P5 Skip in uniform

P6 Donna and Skip opening door with Shirlie Eccles

P7 Donna with unidentified child in bathroom

P8 Unidentified child from P7

FD 12 Val Scoville

P1 Formal college portrait of Val with inscription “Val at the ‘U’”

P2-3 Portrait of Val in Air Force uniform, different poses

P4-8 Formal portraits same, one in cardboard frame, one composite sketch

FD 13 John Hunter Young and Sarah McDonald Young

P1 Formal portrait of Sarah, circa 1880

P2-3 Sarah and unknown woman with Eleanor Eccles and unknown children

P4 Sarah, in hat, by lake with unknown others

P5 Sarah with Elaine Young Spencer

P6 Sarah with John D. Young and John David Eccles

P7 Sarah sitting outside

P8 Formal portrait of Sarah circa 1930

P9-10 Formal portrait of Sarah and John Hunter same sitting as P8

FD 14 William Young

P1 Formal portrait of William circa 1930

FD 15 Unknown, Perhaps Beckstead

P1 Formal portrait with inscription “Beckstead” on photo

P2 Beckstread posing next to car

P3 Beckstead sitting with unknown woman


FD 16 Ballet Dance Recital with Sarah Eccles December 1978

P1-2 Sarah Eccles dancing

P3 Sarah Eccles posing in dance pose

P4 Sarah Eccles hugging her grandmother Ruth Eschler

FD 17 Backyard Party, Unknown Date

P1-5 On patio and in yard with John, Shirlie, Vera and unknown others

P6 John and Vera with unknown male in yard

P7 Vera posing on fence

FD 18 Golfing with Marriner S. Eccles, Unknown Dates

P1-9 Marriner S. golfing with Campbell Eccles and Harold Steele

P10 Marriner S. unknown male and golf clubs

P11 Group photo with Marriner S., Harold Steele, Larry Clayton and unknown

FD 19 Neighborhood Event, with Vera Eccles, Unknown Date

P1-3 Ticket table of event

P4-9 Food table at event

P10-15 Dunk tank at event

P16-23 Games and trampoline at event

P24 Three unknown kids

FD 20 Oral History Institute, Working Together Event

P1-3 John and Vera Eccles, and Arthur Rothstein at event with unknown others

FD 21 Pioneer Day Parade

P1-6 Putting finishing touches on float and the people on it, with Vera and Sarah Eccles in some of the pictures

P7-14 Pictures of the float, before and during the parade

P15-16 Pictures of Grand Marshal Trophy

FD 22 Unidentified Dinner Event

P1-4 Unknown dinner with John David as one of the guests

FD 23 Unknown Outing with John and Shirlie Eccles

P1-3 John and Shirlie posing in cartoon standee


FD 24 Ellen Stoddard Eccles 80th Birthday Party

P1 Group family photo of event

FD 25 Ellen Stoddard Eccles 90th Birthday Party, 1952

P1-2 Group photo of event, with most of her kids

P3-13 Ellen with guests, including Jess Quinney, Spencer Eccles, Willard Eccles, Marie Eccles Cain, Kathrine Cain Wanless, Sallie, Nora, Marriner S. and unknown others

FD 26 Ruby Eschler 80th Birthday Party, 1978 (See box 5 FD 8)

P1-31 Pictures from event including Vera, John and Vera Eccles, Sarah Eccles, Lisa Eccles, John Alva, David A. and unknown others

FD 27 Ruby Eschler, Unknown Date

P1-6 Ruby with guests, including Vera, Sarah and unknown others

P7 Ruby’s birthday cake

FD 28 Parties, Unknown Dates

P1-2 M. Val and other unknown children at birthday party, sitting around a table

P3 James Ian Eccles birthday party blowing out candles

P4-6 James Ian Eccles playing with presents with unknown adult helping

Family Gatherings,

FD 29 Playing Scrabble

P1 Perhaps James Ian playing scrabble with M. Val on side of shot

P2 David C. playing scrabble

P3 Carol Eccles playing scrabble

P4 Lisa and Marshal Waters sitting on couch at same scrabble party

P5 Lisa, Marshal and Tanya waters sitting on couch at scrabble party

P6 Lisa and Marshal helping Tonya on with her coat at scrabble party

P7 Shirley holding Tonya with her coat one at scrabble party

P8 Group picture playing scrabble, Shirley, David C. Carol, M. Val’s back, Perhaps James Ian, and top of Valerie’s head

P9 M. Val and Valerie

FD 30 Pool/Backyard Party September 1987

P1-2 Kids playing in a pool

P3 Two kids in pool with legs sticking out of the pool

P4-5 Two 4x6 of unidentified girl swinging rope in backyard

P6-8 Three 4x6 of unidentified boy swinging rope in backyard

P9 Unidentified male, perhaps David C. sitting in chair swing in backyard

FD 31 Ruby Eschler’s Funeral, May 1987 (See box 5 FD 9)

P1-10 Ruby’s body in casket

P11-18 Casket and flowers

P19-24 At graveside with balloons

FD 32 Unidentified 3x3 Strip Shots of Three with Family

P1 At home with house keeper, in house and backyard

P2 Two Eating ice cream in kitchen, and putting on skates at rink

P3 Sitting with Shirlie on couch, coloring on carpet and eating ice cream in Kitchen

P4 Two preparing at ice skating rink one of ice skater

P5 On bridge with bike, family eating at table, and getting food at outing

P6 Walking down street, two playing in backyard

P7 3x3 strip shot of two shots skating

FD 33 Unidentified at Bill and Ruth Eccles Home

P1-5 With Ellen, Eloise, Eleanore, Maysie, and Ruth Eccles

P6-9 With Marriner S., Harold Steele, Marriner C. and Willard Eccles



Family Gatherings

FD 1 Unidentified Family Dinner Parties at the Ben Lomond

P1-4 Dinner event with M. Campbell, Joe Quinney, Magnon Caine, Deloris Eccles,

Fred Lawson, Eve Thomas and unknown others

P5-7 Table and staff at event

P8-10 unknown people at event, in line to eat and eating

P11-12 Table and staff at event

FD 2 Unidentified Gathering

P1-3 Family outing with “This is the Place” sign in the background with Spencer S. and Hope Fox Eccles in each photo

FD 3 Unidentified outings

P1-4 Unknown lunch outing with Marriner S. Shirlie, Maysie, John David and Eleanor Eccles Steele and Harold

P5-6 Unknown Casino outing with Eleanor and Harold Steele and Shirlie Eccles

P7 Unknown dance outing with George Eccles and unknown others

P8 Family outing at scenic overlook with Marriner S. and Maysie and unknown others

P9-16 Unknown formal dinner with John David, Vera, Sarah, David A. and unidentified Asian family

Family Trips

FD 4 Family on a bus February 1958

P1 Head shot of John David sitting on a bus

P2-4 Three of Shirley sitting on a bus

P5 John Alva Eccles standing on seat of bus

P6 David C. Eccles kneeling on seat of bus

P7-9 Three 3x5 of Lisa Eccles coloring on a bus

P 10 Group shot of John Alva, David C. and Lisa Eccles on a bus

FD 5 Miscellaneous Trips

P1-6 Trip to cabin near lake, all photos with David A. Eccles in them

P7-10 Outing on a boat, August 1978 with John David, Vera, Sarah and David A

P11-15 Trip to Asia, with John David, Vera, Sarah, David A. and other unknown individuals


FD 6 Christmas

P1 John David opening presents by tree January 1959

P2-3 Two David C., M. Val and other children gathered around Santa in Kiesel home

P4-9 Christmas with Vera’s family, with Vera, Victor, Ruby, and unidentified Others

P10-11 Polaroids of John David sitting with David and Sarah opening gifts, one with David and Sarah in pajamas

P12-13 Vera sitting next to fireplace with stockings hung, and John David sitting next to Christmas tree

P14 Lisa and Mr. McKnight sitting on Santa’s lap

FD 7 Formal Family Christmas Party, (See Box slides)

P1-6 Children M. Val and unknown others with Ruth Eccles, Maysie Eccles unknown adults

P7-18 Adults socializing with Marriner S., Eloise Eccles, Shirlie, Marriner C. and unknown others

P19-20 Photos of older man with deer at party

FD 8 Easter, 1963

P1-2 John David working in workshop

P3-4 John David painting furniture

P5 Shirlie sitting at table smoking

P6 Lisa standing by washer looking in glass jar

P7-8 Two of unidentified boy working with science kit

P9-10 Two of unidentified boy in Boy Scout uniform working on project

P11 Unidentified toddler on phone

P12 M. Val playing with unidentified boy

P13 Perhaps Valerie helping unidentified boy talk on phone

P14 Unidentified toddler and boy sitting on counter

P15 Vera Eschler reading with unidentified toddler

P16 M. Val and David C. moving a desk

P17 M. Val putting drawers in dresser

P18 David C. with unidentified teenager standing by work table

P19 Shirlie with Vera Eschler in kitchen

P20 Shirlie sitting with Maysie at table

P21 Maysie playing with unidentified toddler

P22-23 Two of Shirlie, Lisa, unidentified toddler and boy getting into a car

FD 9 Halloween

P1 M. Val and unidentified child in costume eating at party

P2 M. Val and unidentified child in costume sitting on floor at party

P3-5 Three cardboard backed photos of Sarah and David and two unidentified Children in costumes for Halloween

FD 10 Tree of Life Halloween Party (See box 5 FD 10)

P1-15 Eating at party with Sarah Eccles

P16-23 Playing at Party with David A., and Sarah Eccles


FD 11 Marriner Val and Valerie Eccles

P1-16 Sitting around table eating and opening gifts with Valerie M. Val, Maysie, Shirlie, Valerie’s parents, Harold and Eleanor Eccles and unknown others

P17-26 M. Val and Valerie cutting the cake, and the wedding rings

P27-33 Misc. photos with M. Val, Valerie, Shirlie, Maysie, John and Valerie’s Parents

P34-39 Scrapbook pages of reception

FD 12 David C. and Carol Orson Eccles

P1-9 David C. and Carol, different poses

P10-11 Carol

P12-18 David C. and Carol with guests including M. Val and Valerie and unknown others

P19-29 Guests of wedding including Shirlie, Maysie, James Ian, John Alva, John David, Spencer and unknown others

P30-32 Hands with rings and flowers

P33-41 Scrapbook pages from reception

FD 13 David C. and Carol Eccles, Coming Home

P1 David C. and Carol walking through front door

P2-5 opening gifts with David C. Carol, her mother and Shirlie

FD 14 Lisa Eccles Weddings

P1-5 Obtaining marriage license with Lisa, Marshal Waters, Shirlie, Marshal’s mother and unknown others

P6-8 During wedding

P9-12 After wedding, with parents of Lisa and Marshal

P13 Franklin County Court House

P14-15 Airplane with Lisa and Shirlie

P16-21 Scrapbook pages from wedding

P22 Wedding photo of Lisa and Cameron McKnight, group photo


FD 15 Ben Lomond Hotel

P1 Exterior of Hotel circa 1950

FD 16 Eccles Community Arts Center

P1 Exterior of Center, the Eccles home in Ogden

P2-8 Interior of center, June 1978

FD 17 Homes

P1 Ellen Eccles home in Logan

P2-5 Exterior of John D. Eccles home at 625 45th St. Ogden

P6 Snow picture of exterior of same

P7-15 Interior of same home

P16-19 Exterior of unknown home under construction

P20 Exterior of unknown home

P21 Exterior of same home with man on porch

P22 Interior of same home

P23 Interior of same home with man drinking

FD 18 Putney Inn, July 1990

P1-2 Exterior of Inn with sign visible

P3-8 Exterior of Inn, close-ups

P9-16 Exterior of Inn and grounds from a distance

FD 19 Unidentified

P1-2 Exterior of unknown building under construction

P3-5 Interior of unknown building

P6 Exterior of building with lamppost



FD 1 Contact Sheets

P1-7 Seven sheets with John David, Shirlie and kids

P8-20 Thirteen 3 strip shots of family outings with various family members including John, Shirlie, kids, Eleanor, Maysie

P21 3 strip shot of family gathering (See box

FD2 People

P1 Formal Portrait of Robert T. Anderson

P2-5 Portraits of Fred Lawson, one in uniform

P6-8 Jack W. Nye posing in front of airplane with others including Walter Cronkite, and two photos of Jack’s airplanes with inscriptions

P9 Portrait of Diego Rivera

FD 3 ZCMI Tiffin Room Photo Exhibit

P1-3 Exhibit with unknown people in photos

P4-12 Exhibit pictures in Tiffin Room

Unidentified People

FD 4 Unidentified Children circa 1880-1960

P1-12 individual children

P13-16 groups of children

FD 5 Unidentified Adults, circa 1880-1980

P1-10 Unidentified Women

P11-18 Unidentified Men

FD 6 Unidentified Groups circa 1940-1980

P1-5 Groups of people indoors

P6-12 Groups of people outdoors

P13 Picture of dog


FD 7 John David Eccles (See Box 1 FD 2 P14)

FD 8 Ruby Eschler’s 80th Birthday Party (See Box 3 FD 26)

FD 9 Ruby Eschler’s Funeral (See Box 3 FD 31)

FD 10 Tree of Life Halloween Party Lunch (See Box 4 FD 10)

FD 11 Contact Sheet of Party at Ben Lomond (See Box4 FD 1 P8-10)


FD 12 Family (1 of 2)

S1-59 June 1961-November 1969

S60-136 September 1971-July 1977

S137-177 August 1981-August 1983

S178-200 No date

FD 13 Family (2 of 2)

S1-69 No date

FD 14 Family Events (1 of 2)

S1-33 Baby David’s Funeral

S34-73 Ballet Demonstration

S74-88 Bammie Eccles 90th birthday party

S89-109 Deanna’s mother arrives

S110-120 Eschler Family Reunion

FD 15 Family Events (2 of 2)

S1-45 Eschler Family Reunion

S46-73 ECAC float, Heritage through art

S74-79 Ski of life ski trip

S80-99 Scott’s birthday party

S100-116 Unknown trip

FD 16 Holidays

S1-89 Christmas 1954-1956

S90-109 Tree of life Christmas Program December 1980

S110-119 Tree of life Christmas Program, ECAC March 1982

S120-129 Christmas, unknown date

S130-139 Christmas Cards

S140-150 Thanksgiving 1954-1976

S151-172 School Thanksgiving 1982

S173-179 Thanksgiving unknown date

S180 Halloween unknown date



FD 1 Home Construction (1 of 2)

S1-24 June 1975

S25-124 December 1981

S125-158 March 1982

S159-177 April 1982

S178-200 June 1982

FD 2 Home Construction (2 of 2)

S1-24 June 1982 continued

S25-88 August 1983

S89-124 South Ogden Home August 1982

S125-143 652 45th Street

S144-192 Unknown Home

FD 3 Stock Slides (1 of 3)

S1-112 Pana-Vue Slide of Disney Land/World

S113-117 Mormon Temple, Laie Oahu, Hawaii

S118-127 The Civil War

S128-158 Stock Slide Systems

S159-163 Hawaii

S164-199 Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor

FD 4 Stock Slides (2 of 3)

S1-24 Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor continued

S25-38 Tru-Tone Slides, New York

S39-46 New York and Japanese tea gardens in San Francisco

S47-66 Golden Spike and Colorado R.R. Museum

S67-86 China A Slides

S87-106 China B Slides

S107-126 China C Slides

S127-146 China D Slides

S147-166 China F Slides

S167-185 Christmas Slides

S186-200 American Independence Slides

FD 5 Stock Slides (3 of 3)

S1-80 American Independence Slides

Trips - Asia

FD 6 Bangkok-China

S1-66 Bangkok August 1982

S67-200 China August 1982



Trips - Asia

FD 1 China-Malaysia

S1-34 China August 1982 continued

S35-200 David’s trip to China unknown date

FD 2 China-Thailand

S1-3 David’s trip to China unknown date continued

S4-112 Malaysia August 1982

S113-200 Thailand August 1982

FD 3 Thailand Continued

S1-200 August 1982 continued

FD 4 Thailand Continued

S1-118 August 1982 Continued

Trips - Europe

FD 5 England/Scotland

S1-200 August 1981

FD 6 England/Scotland Continued

S1-200 August 1981 Continued



Trips - Europe

FD 1 England/Scotland-Germany

S1-161 August 1981 Continued

S162-200 Germany July 1984

FD 2 Germany-Greece

S1-32 Germany July 1984 continued

S33-39 Lucerne, Munich July 1984

S40-200 Greece June 1983

FD 3 Greece Continued

S1-99 Greece June 1983 continued

S100-200 Greece July 1983

FD 4 Greece Continued

S1-200 Greece July 1983 continued

FD 5 Greece- Holy Land Tour

S1-7 Greece July 1983 continued

S8-200 Holy land tour June 1980

FD 6 Holy Land Tour

S1-166 Holy land tour June 1980 continued

S167-200 Holy land no date



Trips - Europe

FD 1 Holy Land Tour-Italy

S1-88 Holy land no date continued

S89-195 Italy, Rome and Naples, July 1981

Trips - United States

FD 2 Disneyland-Hawaii

S1-38 Disneyland July 1959

S39-128 Disneyworld January 1979

S129-137 Disneyworld December 1979

S138-171 Disneyworld January 1980

S172-200 Hawaii March 1977

FD 3 Hawaii Continued (1 of 7)

S1-200 Hawaii March 1977 continued

FD 4 Hawaii Continued (2 of 7)

S1-58 March 1977 continued

S59-200 February 1981

FD 5 Hawaii Continued (3 of 7)

S1-46 February 1981 continued

S47-200 March 1982

FD 6 Hawaii Continued (4 of 7)

S1-122 March 1982 continued

S123-200 April 1982

BOX 10


Trips - United States

FD 1 Hawaii Continued (5 of 7)

S1-20 April 1982 continued

S21-200 May 1983

FD 2 Hawaii Continued (6 of 7)

S1-80 May 1983 continued

S81-176 Helicopter flight May 1983

S177-200 September 1984

FD 3 Hawaii Continued (7 of 7)

S1-87 September 1984 continued

S88-200 No Date

FD 4 Hawaii-Tahiti

S1-122 No Date

S123-161 Tahiti/Hawaii March 1984

S162-200 Tahiti no date

FD 5 Tahiti-San Francisco

S1-45 Tahiti no date continued

S46-52 Las Vegas 1976

S53-77 Los Angeles 1959

S78-117 OGCC Exhibit Parker Residence, Columbus Indiana

S118-130 New York City 1961

S131-153 San Francisco EKCO April 1960-June 1961

S154-200 San Francisco April 1979-July 1979

FD 6 San Francisco-Sun Valley

S1-5 San Francisco EKCO July 1979

S6-25 Academy of Science Japanese Tea Garden May 1980

S26-45 Pier 39, The Anchorage Company May 1980

S46-68 Bay Cruise May 1980

S69-85 San Francisco scenes, Chinatown, Sausalito, Palace Hotel and groups no date

S86-105 San Francisco misc., Serf Mission Sheraton, Ghirardelli Square unknown date

S106-125 San Francisco unknown date

S126-200 Sun Valley volume 1-4

BOX 11


Trips - United States

FD 1 Sun Valley-Utah

S1-15 Sun Valley Volume 4 continued

S16-39 Sun Valley March-October 1959

S40-66 Sun Valley March 1960

S67-89 Hogle Zoo, Utah

S90-108 Little Valley, Utah (M-K fill job, Great Salt Lake navy)

S109-115 Ogden Canyon, May-November 1975

S116-131 Ogden Canyon August-December 1976

S132-164 Ogden Canyon October 1979

S165-184 Ogden City May 1975-August 1977

S185-195 Ogden Union Station April 1979

S196-200 Monte Cristo, Utah Tree of Life Monastery October 1981

FD 2 Utah Continued

S1-30 Monte Cristo, Utah Tree of Life Monastery October 1981

S31-93 Promontory Point, Golden Spike

S94-141 Southern Utah January 1978


FD 3 Utah-Washington D.C.

S1 Vernal Dinosaur Monument June 1978

S2-112 Washington D.C. July 1976

S113-172 American History Trip July 1976

S173-192 Washington D.C. April 1979

FD 4 Miscellaneous

S1-50 March 1977-March 1978

S51-73 Factory/Mill, unknown date

S74-104 Miscellaneous trips, unknown date

Glass Slides

FD 5 Family

S1 Bear Lake

S2 Patio-Shirlie and Val

S3 Shirlie and Donna-Horses

S4 Us as worts-1945

S5 Val, August 1945

FD 6 My Earliest color pictorials

S1-5 Buildings

S6-9 Nature Scenes


FD 7 Oversized Slides

S1-4 Preschool age Lisa Eccles

FD 8 Slides without covers

S1 Donna and Skip Scoville, Shirlie and Val Scoville

S2 Donna and Skip Scoville

S3 Val Scoville and Shirlie Scoville Eccles

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