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Flora Ogan Collection

Identifier: MS-429

Scope and Contents

The Flora Ogan Collection was donated by her children after her death in 2014. It contains

materials pertaining to her work at the Standard Examiner and her work within the community

where she lived (see biography). This collection is broken into six main series: Standard

Examiner, Organizations and Affiliations, Community Involvement, Newspaper Clippings,

Photographs and Personal. Minor series include Velma Saunders, Tributes and Awards,

Oversized, and Miscellaneous. The first three series are based upon Flora’s CV.

The Standard Examiner series is broken down into correspondence, professional development

and writings. It also contains a miscellaneous section with items regarding the history of the


Organizations and Affiliations is comprised of Flora’s work in the Chamber Ogden/Weber, her

time on the Ogden Chamber of Commerce and various sub committees, and Sigma Delta Chi,

Society of Professional Journalists.

The Community Involvement series contains information about the different community

organizations Flora was involved with. These include advisory boards or executive committees

for community projects like the downtown convention center and the Dinosaur Park. It also

includes the Governor’s Commissions she was a part of, like the Commission for Drinking and

Driving and Law and Citizenship for the bicentennial of the constitution.

The Newspaper Clippings and Photographs series are organized according to the three main

series. The Velma Saunders series is devoted to Velma who was a community activist and close

friend that Flora often wrote about, and includes correspondence, awards, newspaper clippings

and photographs. The Personal series contain items that are more about Flora’s personal life,

including her personal business dealings.

The last series of the collection includes Flora’s Tributes and Awards that she received

throughout her career and ends with the Oversized series that contains serials, publications and

all items that were removed from their original location because of their size. These are denoted

by separation sheets which explain where the items have been relocated.


  • Creation: 1928 - 2014

Biographical / Historical

Flora Sparrow Ogan was born on May 30, 1928 in Ogden Utah to H.D. and Cora Hall Sparrow.

She grew up in the Ogden area with three brothers; she attended Washington Elementary,

Washington Junior High and Ogden High School. In 1952 she moved with her family to Roy

when her father opened his home furnishing store and would remain there the rest of her life.

Flora married A.W. “Larry” Ogan, whom she later divorced, and had three children; Larry C.

Ogan, Cheryl Kelstom Smith, and Craig S. Ogan.

Her career at the Standard-Examiner began in 1955 when she began reporting about Roy, West

Weber and North Davis, and in 1960 she became a full-time reporter. In 1969 she became the

City Editor and served in that position for 11 years. In 1981 she became the Associate Editor and

Editorial Page Editor until she retired in 1996.

Flora was also involved in many community organizations and public service. In 1979 she was a

member of the community task force selected by Governor Matheson to testify before Congress

about the value of retaining Defense Depot Ogden. She was a member of the Governor’s task

force on Drinking and Driving that helped create Utah’s DUI laws in 1982 and 1986. In 1984-85

she helped organized Women in Management which became Women in Business. This

organization put together a national conference of Women in Chamber of Commerces, which

was a huge success. She served on the Ogden/Weber Chamber of Commerce Committee for ten

years, and served on various committees within that organization including the committee to

reorganize Ogden City Government, 1990; and in 1988 she became the first woman to chair the

Military Affairs committee. In 1992 and 1994 she was the chair of the Brac Base Closure


After retirement she continued her work within the community by joining the Weber County

Arena and Utah Musical Theatre Boards. She volunteered in election campaigns, and served as

Governor Leavitt’s representative on the Utah Judicial Conduct Commission. This appointment

had to be confirmed by the Utah State Senate.

She also received many awards and recognitions from various organizations including Athena,

2002; Weber State University Distinguished Citizen award, 1991; Utah Chapter, Freedom

Foundation at Valley Forge recipient for publicizing and participating in volunteer programs,

1993; and Utah Business and Professional Clubs Woman of the Year awards, 1987. Flora died

on January 16, 2015 leaving behind her children, seven grandchildren and eleven great-

grandchildren. For more information see her own history, Box 23 Folder 10.


34 Boxes

Language of Materials



Box 1-8 Standard Examiner

Including Correspondence, Professional Development, Writings, and miscellaneous

Box 9 Standard Examiner, Miscellaneous

FD 1 Ogden Standard Examiner Primary Market Profile 1980 FD 2 Resumes FD 3 Transmission to Ogden Standard-Examiner Main Computer Via TRS-80 Remote Terminals FD 4 Miscellaneous Organizations and Affiliations, The Chamber Ogden/Weber

FD 5 Agendas, Newsletters, Resolutions and Miscellaneous,1993-1996 FD 6 Directory of Local Government in Weber County FD 7 Ogden Utah Official Visitor’s Guide, Spring/Summer 1999

FD 8 Ogden/Weber Annual Report 1995 FD 9 Ogden Weber Metro Guide and Business Directory 1996 FD 10 Ogden Weber Metro Guide and Business Directory 1997 FD 11 Weber County Telephone Directory, January 1, 1995 Ogden Chamber of Commerce

FD 12 Meeting Agendas, 1979-1980 FD 13 Miscellaneous County Form of Government Committee FD 14 Agenda’s and Committee Members, 1998 FD 15 Correspondence, 1998 FD 16 Petition for a New Form of Government for Weber County, October 10, 1997 FD 17 Proposed Optional Plan of Government for Weber County, 1980 FD 18 Report to the Board of County Commission for Weber County, August 3, 1998 FD 19 Miscellaneous Leadership Academy FD 20 Agenda Meeting Minutes, 1989 FD 21 Brochure Ideas and Logos FD 22 Operating Formats Military Affairs Committee (MAC) FD 23 Committee Minutes, April 1989 FD 24 Base Closure and Realignment (BRAC), Community Action Team, Agenda May May 1993 FD 25 BRAC, Correspondence with Congress, 1993-1995 FD 26 BRAC, Hill Air Force Base and Utah’s Defense Sector: An Economic Analysis of Two Realignment Scenarios Box 10 Organizations and Affiliations, Ogden Chamber of Commerce, Military Affairs Committee (MAC)

FD 1 BRAC, Job Training for Displaced Workers, 1993 FD 2 BRAC, Leveraging America’s Defense Infrastructure Through Competition and a New BRAC Process FD 3 BRAC, Memorandum for the Record, February 25, 1994, Re: Brac Overview Meeting FD 4 BRAC, Reuse Action Organization for Defense Depot Ogden FD 5 Defense Conversion Team, Agenda and Meeting Minutes, January-July 1993 FD 6 Defense Conversion Team, Appendix B-I FD 7 Defense Conversion Team, Program Information Package for Defense Technology Conversion, Reinvestment and Transition Assistance FD 8 Defense Conversion Team, Miscellaneous FD 9 Defense Depot Ogden, A Case Study on Civil-Military Relations: Hill Air Force Base and the Ogden Business Community, 1934-1945 FD 10 Defense Depot Ogden, Attachment A-1 Inventory Management Specialist and Site Assignment by Federal Supply Class, Part Two, 14 September 1987 FD 11 Defense Depot Ogden, Budget FD 12 Defense Depot Ogden, Draft for Op-ed or Depot Article FD 13 Defense Depot Ogden, History Booklet FD 14 Defense Depot Ogden, The History of Defense Depot Ogden: Celebrating 50 Proud Years, 1941-1991 FD 15 Defense Depot Ogden, Maintenance Task Force FD 16 Defense Depot Ogden, Putting Excellence to Work FD 17 Joint Civilian Orientation Conference, 1986 FD 18 Miscellaneous, Hill Air Force Base FD 19 Miscellaneous, Hill/DDO, 1994-1995 Information FD 20 Miscellaneous, “Italian Prisoners of War in Utah” FD 21 Miscellaneous, Newsletters 1998-1995 FD 22 Miscellaneous, Portrait in Partnership, 40 Years of Progress FD 23 Miscellaneous, Programs, 1993-1996 FD 24 Miscellaneous, Sego Lily September 1990, Hill Air Force Base Officer Wives Club FD 25 Miscellaneous, Tooele Army Depot FD 26 Miscellaneous, Unknown Work Manual Women in Management FD 27 Agendas and Meetings, 1988 FD 28 Miscellaneous Sigma Delta Chi, Society of Professional Journalists FD 29 The First Amendment Sunshine Report, Volume I Issue 4, July 15, 1993 FD 30 National Convention, October 13-17, 1993 Miami, Florida FD 31 Project Sunshine, Open Meetings Model Law, October 1992-April 1993 FD 32 Quill, The Magazine for Journalists, Volume 81 Number 5 June 1993 Box 11 Organizations and Affiliations, Sigma Delta Chi, Society of Professional Journalists

FD 1 Utah Open Records and Meeting Laws Community Involvement, Awards/Dinner Committees

FD 2 Anderson, General Boyd Guest List FD 3 Ben Day Dinner Guest List FD 4 Crystal Crest Awards, 1984 FD 5 Crystal Crest Awards, 1994 FD 6 Len Allen Committee FD 7 Mattie Wattis Harris Spirit of the American Woman Awards, Paperwork 2000 FD 8 Mattie Wattis Harris Spirit of the American Woman Awards, Program Book, 1996 and 1998 FD 9 Ogden-Weber Chamber Outstanding Citizens Awards, 2014 FD 10 Unknown Guest List, Wednesday September 22, 1999 Clearfield Job Corp.

FD 11 Community Relations Council, Correspondence and Facts FD 12 Community Relations Council, Teamwork in Training, Volume VI Number I, Winter 1995 Community Advisory Council FD 13 Agendas, Board Meetings and Memos, 1993-1998 FD 14 Apex Meeting, February 6, 1996 FD 15 Ironic Blood Newsletters, 1995, 1998 Downtown Ogden City Business Development Advisory Committee FD 16 “A Business Partnership,” Business Directory FD 17 Committee and Meetings, 1993 FD 18 Downtown Baseball Park Information FD 19 Historic 25th Street Downtown Conference Center Executive Committee FD 20 Conference Center Design Features FD 21 Consensus Program Development Public Workshop Process, Study Overview FD 22 Correspondence and Donors FD 23 Legal Documents, Complaint, Case Number 940900259 FD 24 Legal Documents, Weber County Municipal Building Authority and Weber County’s Memorandum on Their Motion to Dismiss, Case Number 940900259 Copy 1 FD 25 Legal Documents, Copy 2 of FD 13 FD 26 Legal Documents, Memorandum Decision, Case Number 940900259 FD 27 “Let’s Vote on the Conference Center,” By Greg W. Haws CPA FD 28 Miscellaneous FD 29 George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park Development Committee, Board Meeting September 23, 1993 and Estimated Expenses for 1994 FD 30 George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park Development Committee, “Operational Plan to Expand the George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park,” by Robert L. Marquardt March 9, 1994 FD 31 George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park Development Committee, Miscellaneous, Dinosaur’s Box 12-15 Community Involvement

Including Golden Spike Events Center Advisory Board, Governor's Commission on Drinking and Driving, Governor's Commission of Law and Citizenship, Junior League of Ogden, Ogden Piomeer Days of '47, Ogden Sesquicentennial Committee, Saint Anne's Center/Lantern House Committee, Snow Basin Land Swap, Union Station Development Committee, Utah Commission on Administration of Justice in the District Courts, Utah Statehood Centennial Commission, Weber County Olympic Steering Committee

Box 16 Community Involvement, Weber County Olympic Steering Committee

FD 1 Olympic Bids FD 2 Miscellaneous Wildlife Director Recruitment Committee FD 3 Committee Member Job Applicants Information Packet 1 of 2 FD 4 Committee Member Job Applicants Information Packet 2 of 2 Miscellaneous FD 5 Committee to Reelect Camille Cain, 1998 FD 6 Community Art Centers FD 7 Community Services Department, Ogden City Corporation General Management And Operations Study Final Report, March 1994 FD 8 List of Ogden Committees and Members June 30, 1999 FD 9 Name Tags and Pins FD 10 National Cosmetology Association FD 11 State of Utah Directory, 51st Legislature 1995-1996 Personal Business Correspondence FD 12 1963-1969 FD 13 1970-1975 FD 14 1976-1979 FD 15 1980-1984 Box 17 Personal Business Correspondence FD 1 1985-1987 FD 2 1988-1990 FD 3 1993-1998 FD 4 Cards 1979-1987 FD 5 No Date Velma Saunders

FD 6 Awards, 1969-1999 FD 7 Biographical Information FD 8 Correspondence, 1963-1999 FD 9 Correspondence, Cards FD 10 Marshal White Center FD 11 Weber State University FD 12 Miscellaneous FD 13 Newspaper Clippings, Community Involvement with Separation Sheet FD 14 Newspaper Clippings, Honors/Awards, with Separation Sheet FD 15 Newspaper Clippings, Marshal White Center with Separation Sheet FD 16 Photographs FD 17 Negatives Personal

FD 18 Address Book FD 19 The Bluebird Book, Primary Association of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Box 18-20 Personal

Box 20-21 Photographs

Including 388th Fighter Wing Trip to Germany, Community Involvement, and Miscellaneous

Box 21-22 Negatives

Box 22-23 Tributes and Awards

Including Air Force Awards (1969-2003), Athena Award and Miscellaneous

Box 24 Newspapers, Flora Ogan Writings

FD 1 1996 (See Box 5 Folder 17) FD 2 388th Tactical Wing Trip to Germany, August 1977 FD 3 Saint Anne’s Center/Lantern House, 2011 FD 4 No Date Research FD 5 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 1994 and no Date FD 6 Golden Hours, No Date FD 7 Hi-Fi Murders, 1974, See Box 6 Folder 24 FD 8 Municipal Building 1990-1994 and no Date FD 9 Ogden City, 1978-2005 FD 10 Ogden City, No Date FD 11 Nation, 1990-1996 and no Date FD 12 Utah State, 1959-1996 FD 13 Utah State, No Date FD 14 Weber State University, 1976-1994 and No Date Community Involvement FD 15 Commission on Drinking and Driving, 1986-1999 FD 16 Commission on Drinking and Driving, No Date FD 17 County Government Reform, 1986-1998 and No Date FD 18 Health Care, 1990-1995 FD 19 Job Corps, 1989 FD 20 Military, Hill Air Force Base, 1975-1995 FD 21 Military, Kelly Air Force Base, 1995 FD 22 Military, No Date FD 23 National Parks, 1995 and No Date FD 24 Olympics, 1990-1999 FD 25 Olympics, No Date FD 26 Snow Basin, 1942-1998 FD 27 Snow Basin, No Date FD 28 Utah’s 100th Birthday, 1985-1995 and No Date FD 29 Miscellaneous Velma Saunders FD 30 Community Involvement and The Marshal White Center, 1988 and No Date, See Box 17 Folders 13 and 15 FD 31 Honors/Awards, 1983-1998, See Box 31 Folder 14 Personal FD 32 Craig Ogan, 1980-1991 FD 33 Flora Ogan, 1982-1993 FD 34 Flora Ogan, No Date with Separation Sheet Oversized, Standard Examiner, Writings, Research

FD 35 Desk Edit Page, 1984-1995 See Box 6 Folder 14 FD 36 Miscellaneous Research Notes, See Box 6 Folder 15 Box 25-34 Oversized

Including Standard Examiner Writings Reasearch, Personal, Photographs, Serials, Publications, Tributes and Awards, Newspapers, and Miscellaneous

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