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Western Stereo-Views Collection

Identifier: P-146


This collection consists of original stereo-views (two identical images printed side by side that appear three-dimensional when placed in a stereoscopic viewer) that were taken of sights along the Union Pacific Railroad as well as general views of Ogden, Utah. Many photographers are included in this collection such as A.J. Russell, Charles Bierstadt, William Henry Jackson, C. W. Carter, and Charles Russell Savage.

E &H.T. Anthony and Co.

E. & H. T. Anthony & Company was the largest supplier and distributors of photographic supplies in the United States during the 19th century. It was incorporated in 1877 with Edward Anthony as President, and with brothers Henry T. Anthony and V. M. Wilcox as vice presidents.

C.W. Carter

C.W. Carter grew up in England and after converting to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, immigrated to the United States. Carter and his wife Sarah reached Salt Lake City in 1864 where he continued the photographic practice he began in England. Carter initially worked for C.R. Savage before starting his own studio in 1867. Over the years Carter partnered with a number of photographers including J.B. Silvis, C.W. Symons and Mikkael Faldmo. In 1906 he sold his collection of negatives to the Salt Lake City Bureau of Information for $400.

William Henry Jackson

William Henry Jackson began his photographic career in Omaha, Nebraska in 1867. After briefly working for another photographer, he and his brother purchased a studio. Jackson first made a name for himself when he and his assistant Arundel Hull traveled along the newly completed Union Pacific Railroad photographing the line, the railroad towns, and scenic wonders in 1868 and 1869. Between 1870 and 1879 he was the photographer in charge for the Hayden Survey. He was the first photographer to reach Yellowstone National Park and his images played a part in the recognition of that area for special protection. In 1879 Jackson opened a studio in Denver, Colorado and in 1881 he began work for the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad. In 1892 he incorporated the W.H. Jackson Photography & Publishing company and traveled throughout the world as a photographer. In 1897 he moved to Detroit where the Detroit Publishing Company used his images as postcards. In 1924 the company went bankrupt and Jackson moved to Washington D.C. to publish his memoirs and paint historic western scenes.

A.J. Russell

A.J. Russell (1829-1902) grew up in New York and worked as a painter and a teacher before moving to New York City in 1859 to learn the new art of photography. During the civil war he served as a military railroad photographer for the Union Army. After the war he returned to New York City but in 1868 he was hired by the Union Pacific Railroad to photograph the building of the transcontinental railroad. Between 1868 and 1870 he took over 800 glass-plate negatives and thousands of stereoview negatives. In 1870 Russell returned to New York City where he spent the rest of his career working as an artist and photographer for Leslie's Illustrated.

Charles Russell Savage

Charles R. Savage is perhaps best known for shooting the Golden Spike Ceremony at Promontory Point, Utah in 1869. His photographic trips, however, took him throughout the West from the 1860s to the 1890s and his images were sold across the United States and reproduced in Eastern periodicals. A convert to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he grew up in Southampton, England and moved to New York City in 1855. He slowly mastered the new medium of photography and by the time he and his young family made their way to Utah in 1860 he was ready to set up a permanent studio. Savage was a savvy businessman whose profits from a successful art/photography store funded his various photographic endeavors. In Utah he was known not only as a photographer but also as a philanthropist and passionate defender of the Mormon Church. He would eventually enter into polygamist unions with four women.

Keystone View Company

The Keystone View Company was a major distributor of stereographic images, and was located in Meadville, Pennsylvania. From 1892 through 1963 Keystone produced and distributed both educational and comic/sentimental stereoviews, and stereoscopes. By 1905 it was the world's largest stereographic company.


  • Creation: 1880 - 1900


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FD 1 E & H.T. Anthony and Co. “Views Along the Line of the Pacific Rail Road”

Item 1 No. 7124 Bridge over the Weber River. Ogden in the distance.

Item 2 No. 7131 Mount Anthony-Summit of the Wahsatch Mts. Near Devil’s Gate

Item 3 No. 7143 Steamboat Bluff, 800 ft. high. Echo Canyon

Item 4 No. 7127 Looking down at Devil’s Gate Bridge, the high peaks of the Wasatch in the distance

FD 2 Charles Bierstadt, Photographer

Item 1 No. 1258 Ogden Canon, Utah

Item 2 No. 1258 Ogden Canon, Utah

Item 3 No. 1260 Ogden Canon, Utah

Item 3a No. 1261 View from Ogden Canon

Item 4 No. 1262 View from Ogden Canon, Utah

Item 5 No. 1262 View from Ogden Canon, Utah

Item 6 No. 1273 Mormon Fortifications, Echo Canon, Utah

FD 3 C. W. Carter, “Utah by C. W. Carter”

Item 1 1000 Mile Tree

Item 2 Devil’s Slide, Weber

Item 3 Episcopal Church, Ogden

FD 4 C. W. Cater “Gems of Utah Scenery”

Item 1 No. 6 Devil’s Gate Bridge, Weber Canyon

Item 2 Small Tunnel- Weber Canon

FD 5 C. W. Cater, “Stereoscopic Gems of Utah Scenery”

Item 1 Needle Rocks on Line of U.P.R.R.

Item 2 Needle Rocks on Line of U.P.R.R.

Item 3 Pulpit Rock, Mouth of Echo Canyon

FD 6 The Johnson Co. “Johnson’s Stereo Views of Everything”

Item 1 No. 1460 A Sunset on the Great Salt Lake

Item 2 Mouth of Ogden Canyon

Item 3 Winslow’s Hotel in Ogden Canyon

FD 7 Jackson Bros., “Scenery of the Union Pacific Railroad”

Item 1 No. 106 Tower on Castle Rock

Item 2 No. 107 Great Eastern Echo Canon

Item 3 No. 127 Tower on Castle Rock

FD 8 William A. Jackson, “Scenery of the Union Pacific Railroad”

Item 1 No. 82 Devil’s Gate Bridge

Item 2 No. 88 Sixth Crossing, Webber River

Item 3 No. 89 West from Tunnel No. 4, Weber Canon

Item 4 No. 93 Weber Canon

Item 5 No. 98 1000 Mile Tree, Weber Canon

Item 6 No. 128 Castle Rock, Echo Canon

Item 7 No. 4330 Castle Gate, Price Canon, Utah

FD 9 Keystone View Company

Item 1 No. 2459 Ogden and Wasatch Mountains, Utah

Item 2 No. 2459 Ogden and Wasatch Mountains, Utah

Item 3 No. 2459 Ogden and Wasatch Mountains, Utah

Item 4 No. 2459 Ogden and Wasatch Mountains, Utah

Item 5 No. 9584 A View of the Wasatch Mountains from Ogden, Utah

Item 6 No. 9585 A View of the Wasatch Mountains from Ogden, Utah

Item 7 No. 37361 Boulder Dam, the Highest in the World, in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River

FD 10 B.W. Kilburn

Item 1 No. 3237 1000 Mile Tree, Weber Canyon, Utah

Item 2 No. 3242 View from Weber Canyon, Utah

Item 3 No. 16121 General view of Ogden and Wasatch Mts.

FD 11 G. M. Manning, “Union Pacific R.R.”

Item 1 No. 111 Pulpit and Hanging Rocks, mouth of Echo Canyon

FD 12 A. J. Russell, “Union Pacific Railroad Views”

Item 1 No. 93 Lion Rock, Echo Canyon

Item 2 No. 381 Looking down Weber, from Stone Quarry

FD 13 Charles Russell Savage, “Union Pacific Railroad”

Item 1 Devil’s Gate Bridge-From Below

Item 2 Devil’s Gate Bridge and Hanging Rock

Item 3 Finger Rock, near Tunnel 3, Weber Canon

Item 4 Hardscrabble Canon, near Weber Station, No. 1

Item 5 Monument Rock, Echo Canon

Item 6 Pulpit Rock, with Railroad Track

Item 7 Scene in Echo Canon

Item 8 Tunnel No. 3 and Weber River

Item 9 Conglomerate Rocks, mouth of Echo

FD 14 Charles Russell Savage, “Utah”

Item 1 Black Rock in the Great Salt Lake

FD 15 Charles Russell Savage, “Views of the Great West”

Item 1 Ogden, Utah

Item 2 Pulpit Rock

FD 16 Charles Russell Savage

Item 1 Logan Canon

Item 2 Ogden Canon

Item 3 Weber Canon, U.P.R.R. Bridge

FD 17 Savage and Ottinger “Scenes on the U.P.R.R.”

Item 1 No. 105 Devil’s Gate

Item 2 Tunnel No. 4, Weber Canon

Item 3 Tunnel No. 4, Weber Canon

Item 4 Weber Canon, Repairing Tracks

FD 18 O.C. Smith, “The Wonderful Scenery of the Rocky Mountains”

Item 1 No. 324 Witches Rock, with group, Echo City

Item 2 No. 447 Coalville, Utah

Item 3 No. 624 Devil’s Gate, Weber Kanyon, Utah

Item 4 No. 625 Above Devil’s Gate, Weber Kanyon, Utah

FD 19 Milan P. Warner

Item 1 Cloud Effect, Ogden City

FD 20 Watkins, “Union Pacific R.R.”

Item 1 No. 2757 1000 mile Tree, Weber Canyon, Utah

FD 21 Chas. Weitfle

Item 1 No. 460 Cascade and Falls, Ogden Canon, Utah

Item 2 No. 426 Tunnel No. 4- Weber Canon

Item 3 No. 425 Tunnel No. 3- Weber Canon (dist. View)

Item 4 No. 401 Pulpit Rock, Echo Canon

Item 5 No. 402 Witch Rocks, Echo Canon

Item 6 No. 419 The heights of Weber Canon

Item 7 No.431 Profile Rock, near Echo, U.P.R.R.

FD 22 Whitaker

Item 1 After wind storm, Ogden Utah April 1899

Item 2 Birches, Ogden Canon

FD 23 American Scenery

Item 1 Ogden City, Utah

Item 2 No. 631 Column Rock, Wahsatch Mountain, Utah, Photographed by C.L. Pond

FD 24 American Views

Item 1 R.R. Bridge, Weber Canyon, Pacific Railroad

Item 2 R.R. Bridge, Weber Canyon, Pacific Railroad

Item 3 Witch Rocks near Echo City, Utah

FD 25 Popular Series

Item 1 Weber River, Pacific Railroad

FD 26 Unknown Photographers

Item 1 No. 150 Ogden Canon, Utah

Item 2 No. 387 Weber Canon, Utah

Item 3 No. 440 Looking across Weber at 3,000 feet Elevation

Item 4 No. 441 Devil’s Gate from the South High Peaks of the Wahsatch in the distance, Union Pacific Railroad

FD 27 Unknown Photographers

Item 1 Horseshoe Bend, Weber Canon, Utah

Item 2 Irrigation Canal near Mouth of Weber Canyon, Utah

Item 3 Weber Canon, Utah near Devil’s Gate

Item 4 Train in Echo Canyon, Union Pacific Railroad

FD 28 J.O. Stephens

Item 1 City hall, Ogden, Utah

FD 29 J.B. Silvis

Item 1 Views of the Pacific Railroad, Rocky Mountain Scenery

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