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Red Cross of Northern Utah

Identifier: MS-462

Scope and Contents

The Red Cross of Northern Utah collection is on loan from the Northern Utah chapter of the Red Cross in Ogden, Utah. The collection contains information pertaining to the Red Cross in Northern Utah from December 1915 to present. The Weber County Chapter of the Red Cross began in December 1915 when a small group of individual gathered together to begin organizing a chapter of the Red Cross. In 1962 the name was changed to the Bonneville chapter, and in 1969 the chapter merged with other chapters in Northern Utah to become the Northern Utah Chapter, with its headquarters being in Ogden, Utah.

The collection is separated into five main series: Chapters, Audio Visual, Oversized, Artifacts and Textiles. The first series, Chapters, with the largest chapter being the Weber/Bonneville Chapter is broken up into smaller sub series. These include publications, which deal with manuals and pamphlets created for the Red Cross, which also includes textbooks for first aid and so forth. The Programs sub series has information about the Canteen during WWII at the Union Station in Ogden, the Grey Ladies, Nursing and smaller community programs. It also contains the annual meeting minutes, executive committee meeting minutes and information about the merger that occurred in 1969.

The second series, Audio Visual contains photographs and negatives as well as slides and image sets that include slides with corresponding paperwork and photographs. It also contains 16mm films, Betamax videos, audio cassette tapes, and an LP record. Some of these items are oversized and have been placed in the oversized series with a separation sheet.

Oversized is the third series and contains the items that would not fit in the smaller boxes. This includes 16mm films, braille handbooks, scrapbooks, photographs and awards. There is also an architectural drawing that has been placed outside the collection in the map cases.

Artifacts is the fourth series and this contains audio visual viewing items, pennants, ribbons and sewing kits. The sewing kits are all hand made with buttons, threads, safety pins and needles circa 1940s. It also includes a first aid kit from 1948 which has never been used.

Textiles is the final series, which include uniforms, accessories and miscellaneous fabrics. Uniforms includes dresses, smocks, coats and shirts that were worn by Red Cross volunteers from the 1940s to 2000s. Accessories include epaulettes, ties, hats and other miscellaneous fabrics, to include a large sheet with a red cross sewn into the middle.


  • Creation: 1915-12 - 2018


30 Boxes

Language of Materials



Box 1 FD 1 Bio of Richard F. Schubert, President American Red Cross, 1983- FD 2 History of the American Red Cross FD 3 Mission of the American Red Cross FD 4 National Information Bureau, Inc. Report for the American National Red Cross, July 1, 1963 FD 5 The Red Cross Activities of the American People During 75 Years Chapters Box Elder Chapter

FD 6 Correspondence Grey Ladies FD 7 Capping Ceremony Programs, August 1963-June 1964 FD 8 Correspondence FD 9 List of Volunteers FD 10 Volunteer Applications FD 11 Miscellaneous Information FD 12 Meeting Notes, Handwritten FD 13 Newspaper Clippings Cache County

FD 14 Correspondence FD 15 Grey Lady Capping Ceremony Program FD 16 Newspaper Clippings Golden Spike Chapter

FD 17 Correspondence FD 18 Miscellaneous Information Salt Lake Chapter

FD 19 Annual Report, 1991-1992 FD 20 Correspondence FD 21 Junior Rover Monthly Bulletin September 1948 Weber/Bonneville

FD 22 Awards- 1943-2002 FD 23 Awards-Paperwork FD 24 Awards- Programs 1981-1986 Annual Meeting FD 25 1915-1917 FD 26 1945-1964 FD 27 1965-1970 FD 28 1971-1975 FD 29 1978-1980 FD 30 1981-1985 FD 31 1986-1987 FD 32 1988-1989 FD 33 1990-1991 FD 34 No Dates Box 2 Chapters

Weber/Bonneville, Annual Reports

FD 1 1941-1945 FD 2 1946-1950 FD 3 1951 FD 4 1952 FD 5 1953-1954 FD 6 1955-1956 FD 7 1956-1957 FD 8 1957-1958 FD 9 1960-1961 FD 10 1961-1962 FD 11 1963-1969 FD 12 1970-1978 FD 13 1981-1989 Correspondence FD 14 1918-1993 FD 15 American Youth Red Cross FD 16 Miscellaneous Disaster Response FD 17 9-11 FD 18 9-11, Art Work FD 19 9-11, Magazines/Newsletters FD 20 9-11, Mental Health Workshops FD 21 9-11, Newspaper Clippings FD 22 9-11, Thank You Notes FD 23 9-11, Miscellaneous FD 24 Training Box 3 Chapters

Weber/Bonneville Chapter, Disaster Response

FD 1 Miscellaneous Events FD 2 Light the Darkness, 2004 Video FD 3 Light the Darkness, March 14, 2006 FD 4 Noel C. Gill- California Wildfires “With God all Things are Renewed.” 10/31/03-11/13/03 FD 5 Noel C. Gill- Columbus, Mississippi Tornadoes Nov. 10, 2002 FD 6 Noel C. Gill- “Community Unity: The Rodeo/Chideski Fire,” 6/25/02-7/7/02 FD 7 Noel C. Gill- “Illustrated Thoughts to Live by” FD 8 Noel C. Gill- Southern Nevada Winter Storms, January 2005 FD 9 Noel C. Gill- “Strive to Thrive- Coping Skills for Life.” Revised May 2003 FD 10 Noel C. Gill- “The World Trade Center Experience: A Mini Mission,” December 11-December 23, 2001 FD 11 Executive Committee and Board Lists, 1964-1989 FD 12 History FD 13 List of Names-Committee, Staff and Miscellaneous FD 14 Merger, Correspondence FD 15 Merger, Minutes and Merger Information FD 16 Merger, Handwritten Notes FD 17 Military, Correspondence FD 18 Military, Handbook for the Servicemen and Veterans-ARC 1228 Box 4 Chapters

Weber/Bonneville Chapter, Military

FD 1 “To All Holds of ARC 1228: Changes FD 2 News Articles FD 3 Programs, 1982-1991 (DDO and Hill Hospital) FD 4 Reports FD 5 National Convention, May, 1968 FD 6 Newsletters, 1950-2000 FD 7 Newspaper Clippings Programs FD 8 AIDS Awareness FD 9 Blood Program Canteen FD 10 Correspondence FD 11 Log Book, 1942 FD 12 Log Book, December 1, 1944-August 25, 1945 Box 5 Chapters

Weber/Bonneville Chapter, Programs, Canteen

FD 1 Log Book, August 25, 1945-January 3, 1946 FD 2 Monthly Bill and Petty Cash March 1942-May 1944 FD 3 Numbers Served April 1, 1945-January 3, 1946 FD 4 Soldier Sign in Book, 1 of 2 FD 5 Soldier Sign in Book 2 of 2 FD 6 Worker List and Reports Box 6 Chapters

Weber/Bonneville Chapter, Programs, Canteen

FD 1 Workers Roll 3/1/1945-1/3/1946 FD 2 Miscellaneous Items FD 3 Friendly Visitor FD 4 Grey Ladies FD 5 Home Services Committee/Motor Corps Nurse Assistant FD 6 Training Program Flier in “Red Cross” Frame Nursing FD 7 Correspondence FD 8 Notes FD 9 Nurse’s Aid Instructor Guide 1956 FD 10 Nurse’s Lists FD 11 Red Cross Nursing Manual-Specific to Pregnancy and Child Care, 1950 FD 12 The Role of the Nurse in Disaster (1961) FD 13 Training FD 14 Miscellaneous Information FD 15 Senior Companion and Volunteer Programs FD 16 United Fund of Northern Utah, Correspondence FD 17 United Fund of Northern Utah, Miscellaneous Information FD 18 Youth Challenge FD 19 Miscellaneous Updates Public Relations FD 20 Correspondence FD 21 Press Release, 1953-1988 FD 22 Press Release, Miscellaneous FD 23 Radio Spots, 1970-1976 Box 7 Chapters

Weber/Bonneville Chapter, Public Relations

FD 1 Training Workshop FD 2 Miscellaneous Publications, Books FD 3 The American Red Cross: The First Century, A Pictorial History by Patrick F. Gilbo 1981 FD 4 Heroes of the International Red Cross by Richard Deming 1969 Manuals FD 5 Advanced First Aid and Emergency Care, First Edition, 1973 FD 6 Advanced First Aid and Emergency Care, Third Printing, 1977 FD 7 Babysitter’s Training Manual FD 8 Basic Rules of the Geneva Conventions and their Additional Protocols, 1983 FD 9 Blood: The River of Life, 1976 2 copies Box 8-Box 11 Manuals Continued

Box 12 Chapters Weber/Bonneville Chapter, Publications, Manuals

FD 1 Miscellaneous Disaster Response Manuals FD 2 Miscellaneous Family Planning Manuals FD 3 Miscellaneous First Aid Manuals FD 4 Miscellaneous International Manuals Pamphlets FD 5 International Red Cross FD 6 Training/Volunteer Pamphlets FD 7 War Relief Abroad: A Review of Foreign War Relief Operations, September 1, 1939 to June 30, 1941 FD 8 Miscellaneous First Aid FD 9 Miscellaneous Volunteers/Training FD 10 Community Emergency Course Paperwork FD 11 First Aid and Water FD 12 Information for Red Cross Volunteers FD 13 Memos FD 14 Office of Personnel Training and Development, Basic Administrative Skills Program Administration Box 13 Chapters

Weber/Bonneville Chapters, Volunteers/Training

FD 1 Office of Personnel Training and Development, Essentials of Supervision FD 2 Office of Personnel Training and Development, Functional Skills Training FD 3 Part Three, Service to Others Training FD 4 Scholarship Application for Infant CPR Class FD 5 Training Volunteers: Careful Planning and Effective Management-Qualities of a Successful Trainer FD 6 Visitors Register, 1981 FD 7 Volunteer Lists FD 8 Miscellaneous Weber County Volunteer Services FD 9 Advisory Board Agenda and Meeting Minutes 1976 FD 10 Advisory Board Agenda and Meeting Minutes 1977 FD 11 Advisory Board Agenda and Meeting Minutes 1978 FD 12 Advisory Board Agenda and Meeting Minutes 1979-1981 FD 13 Advisory Board Members FD 14 Advisory Board Operating Policies FD 15 Correspondence FD 16 Volunteer Workshop Miscellaneous FD 17 Architectural information and drawings with separation sheet FD 18 Financial FD 19 Handouts FD 20 Posters FD 21 Stained Glass FD 22 Miscellaneous Other Chapters FD 23 Miscellaneous Information Audio Visual FD 24 Beta Max Tape, 1996 Community Campaign TV Spots Box 14-17 Audio Visual

Including Beta Max, Cassette Tapes, Films, Image Sets, LP'S Photograph and Negatives, and Slides

Box 17-24 Oversized

Including Awards, Films, Photographs, Publications, and Scrapbooks

Box 25-27 Artifacts

Including Audio Visual, Pennants, Ribbons, Sewing Kits. Box 28-29 Textiles

Including Aprons, Coats, Dresses, Shirts, Smocks, Arm Bands, Bands, Epaulettes, Hats, Ties and Miscellaneous Box 30 Metal First Aid Kit

Top Side 9-1 oz. Red Cross cotton boxes 3-1 inch x 10 yard Red Cross bandage 2-3 inch x 10 yard Gauze bandage acme cotton products co. inc. 1-1 inch x 10 yards double seal adhesive plaster 3-2 inch x 6 yards Red Cross bandage J and J sterile 1 bottel Syntropan Roche 100 tablets of 50 mg phosphate salt of 3-diethylamino-2 2- dimethylpropanol tropic acid ester 1 bottle 100 asprin tablet U.S.P. 5 grain 1-1 inch x 5 yard Red Cross adhesive plaster 142-6 1/8 inch x 1/16 inch in diameter wood sticks 16 tongue depressors 1 spoon 1 rubber band 2-glass medical drooppers 1 scalpel Bottom Side 6-5 yard x 1 yard wide Red Cross gauze, sterile 4-1 oz. Red Cross cotton boxes 7-1 inch x 10 yard Red Cross bandage, sterile 1-1 inch x 5 yards Dr. Scholl’s waterproof adhesive 1-1 inch x 2 ½ yards Dr. Scholl’s waterproof adhesive 1-4 inch width ace elastic rubber bandage 1 size 3 ¾ inch x 30 inch long wire splint 1 canister of boric acid ointment 1 bar of soap, in soap container 1 glass with old paper towel wrapping a small stem glass 1 unknown orange thingy 1 folder with First Aid Instructions on left side, right side has report dated July 5, 1948:No first aid given in month of June.

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