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Thomas D. Dee II Collection

Identifier: MS-460

Scope and Contents

The Thomas D. Dee II Family Collection was donated by the children of Thomas D. Dee II and

contains materials pertaining to the family and their various businesses. The collection is

separated into four main series: Family, Business, Subject Files, and Photographs. At the end of

these is an oversized section containing the materials from these series which required larger


The Family Series is separated into the different family members starting with Thomas D. Dee II

and his wife Elizabeth. This contains materials from his military career, Stanford year books,

correspondence, and University of Utah. It also includes several tributes and awards he received

over the years. Next are his parents, Lawrence and Janet Dee, which contains materials from

Cornell, his World War I military service, correspondence, and many tributes and awards he

received throughout his career. There is also a birthday book which contains obituaries and

funeral services for the individuals whose birthdays are in the book, and there is a personal

finance book with loose papers that have been removed and put into a separate folder. The series

also includes materials for Annie Maude Dee Porter, mostly regarding her estate, and finally

there are items for Thomas D. Dee, including his naturalization paperwork, commission

documents for Justice of the Peace, abstract of title to the family home, condolence cards and

mourning papers.

The Business Series is separated into the businesses and various stocks owned by the family. It

starts with The Dee-Eccles Investment Company which contains the articles of incorporation and

a section of reports, which are separated by year and contain meeting minutes, treasury reports

and end of year reports. Glenwood Springs Property is next, and it contains property deeds,

agreements and correspondence pertaining to Glenwood Spring and an oil company being

formed there. Pendelton Frozen Foods follows with only a book of stock, and the loose papers

from that book. The Thomas D. Dee Investment Company is next and has the same set up as the

Dee-Eccles series, but with correspondence, legal, and taxes as well. The reports in this series

contains information from 1917-1970. The first years are in two oversized ledger books, the rest

are in folders, chronologically. Utah Canning Company is the final business, and it contains

recipe books, reports from 1904-1949, and information pertaining to stocks and taxes. At the end

of Utah Canning is a folder containing advertisement photos and there corresponding negatives.

At the end of the Business series are stocks which contain stocks and information on stocks that

were owned by the family or possibly by a business.

The Subject Files Series contains information that connects the family and the community of

Ogden. It contains items for Dee Elementary, Berthana, Dee Memorial Hospital, Dee Day and

other various endeavors. Dee Events Center is the largest with ground breaking program,

dedication program, photograph books and donation paperwork.

The Photograph Series contains photographs for various family members and events. Thomas D.

Dee II makes up the bulk of this collection with personal photos from his time during WWII,

MS 460-2

including photographs documenting his plane crash in Egypt. These photographs are organized,

for the most part, the way they were received. Most have writing on the back, but the ones that

do not have been organized as close to the original as possible. There is also a scrapbook from

the war that has been scanned and taken apart to have better access to the photographs as many

of them have writing on the back. This series also contains photographs of Lawrence T. Dee,

various family members, and a scrapbook for Elizabeth Stewart. Some of the photographs can

also be found online in the digital archives.

After the oversized items there are two boxes of artifacts which belonged mostly to Thomas D.

Dee II and include his dog tags, rank and military ribbons. After this are his uniforms. Three

from his time during the war, and his uniform for ROTC at Ogden High.


  • Existence: Majority of material found within 1871 - 2009


21 Boxes

Language of Materials



Box 1


Thomas D. Dee II

Correspondence, Business

FD 1 American Council on Capital Gains and Estate Taxation

FD 2 Charles Barret Inc., Publishers

FD 3 Ford, Betty

FD 4 Littlefield, Edmund W.

FD 5 Margueleas, Howard P.

FD 6 Mount Hood Rail Road

FD 7 Oaks, Dallin H.

FD 8 Ogan, Flora

FD 9 Shea, Patrick

FD 10 Thomas D. Dee Memorial Hospital- Stewart, James L.

FD 11 Thomas D. Dee Memorial Hospital- Wilson, Mrs. George E.

FD 12 Utah Construction, congratulations on election to the board

FD 13 Utah International- Aglio, Thomas

FD 14 Utah International- Bott, Richard

FD 15 Utah International- Eccles, Marriner

FD 16 Utah International- Goity, Jean M.

FD 17 Utah International- Littlefield, Edmund W.

FD 18 Utah International- Reeves, Albert L.

FD 19 Utah International- Wilson, Alexander M.

FD 20 Unknown

FD 21 Miscellaneous

Correspondence, Personal

FD 22 Anderson, Mildred

FD 23 Browning, Val

FD 24 Dee, Lawrence and Janet

FD 25 Divorce Correspondence, George Baker Lawyer

FD 26 Knapp, Ken and Ina

FD 27 Porter, Maude

FD 28 Retirement

FD 29 Uihlein, Henry II

FD 30 Ukropina, James R.

First Security

FD 31 Branch Clearings, Volume 21 Number 2—March-April 1972

FD 32 Correspondence- Eccles, George

FD 33 Correspondence- Eccles, Spencer

FD 34 News Release March 5, 1972

FD 35 Newspaper Clippings


FD 36 Condolences

FD 37 Obituary

FD 38 Services Program July 21, 2009

Intermountain Health Care

FD 39 Board of Trustees, 1988

FD 40 Commemorative Bronze Unveiling Program and Remarks

FD 41 Correspondence- Mason, James O.

FD 42 Correspondence- Parker, Scott

FD 43 Correspondence- Pehrson, Gary H.

FD 44 Innerview August 3, 1988

FD 45 Insights Summer 1981

FD 46 Speech Regarding Past Heads of McKay-Dee Hospital, 6-12- 90


FD 47 1941

FD 48 1942

FD 49 1943

FD 50 1944

FD 51 1945

FD 52 1946

FD 53 1947

FD 54 1949

FD 55 1950

FD 56 1951

FD 57 1952

FD 58 Multiple Dates

FD 59 Certificate of Appreciation for War Service

FD 60 Commission Documents

FD 61 Honorary Commission Document, 1975

FD 62 Orders, 1942

FD 63 Orders, 1943

FD 64 Orders, 1944

Box 2


Thomas D. Dee II


FD 1 Orders, 1945

FD 2 Orders, 1946

FD 3 Orders, 1947-1951

FD 4 Orders, Miscellaneous

FD 5 Veterans Administration

FD 6 Miscellaneous, Notes

FD 7 Miscellaneous, Various News Items 1943-1950 with Separation Sheet

Ogden Chamber of Commerce

FD 8 Annual Meeting Speech relinquishing the Chair, January 1974


FD 9 Annual Military Ball, February 26, 1937, White City

FD 10 Birth Certificate

FD 11 First Security Bank Book: Thomas D. Dee II Trustee for Lawrence T. Dee Trust

FD 12 Income Tax 1946

FD 13 Marriage Certificate, 15 May 1949

FD 14 Mortgage, Lot 2 Mountain Oaks Estate No. 1 in Ogden, Utah

FD 15 Notary Public Appointment, 1957 and 1961

FD 16 Receipts

FD 17 Saving the Legacy: An Oral History of Utah’s World War II Veterans, January 7,



FD 18 Alumni Bulletin, Summer 1976-1977

FD 19 Correspondence

FD 20 Stanford Quad for 1938

FD 21 Stanford Quad for 1939

Box 3


Thomas D. Dee II


FD 1 Stanford Quad for 1940

FD 2 Stanford Quad for 1941

FD 3 Miscellaneous, Charter Membership in the Founding Grant Society, with

Separation Sheet

Tributes and Awards

FD 4 American National Red Cross, Appreciation, May 9, 1967

FD 5 Arthritis Foundation 15 th Annual Dinner Gala, October 6, 1994

FD 6 Beehive Hall of Fame, 1986 Program

FD 7 Beehive Hall of Fame, Correspondence

FD 8 Beehive Hall of Fame, Newspaper Clippings

FD 9 Beehive Hall of Fame, Resolution of the McKay-Dee Hospital Center Board of Trustees, with Separation Sheet

FD 10 Bohemian Club, Correspondence

FD 11 Bohemian Club, Grove Guest List 1975 Encampment

FD 12 Bohemian Club, Program of Events and Map 1975

FD 13 Carnegie Library Board, Newspaper Clippings

FD 14 Eisenhower Medical Center, Correspondence

FD 15 Eisenhower Medical Center, Newspaper Clippings

FD 16 Utah Affiliate, National Society to Prevent Blindness- Man of Vision Award-

Newspaper Clippings

FD 17 Utah International Resolution of the board of directors with Separation Sheet

FD 18 Utah Symphony, Correspondence- Huntsman, Jon M.

FD 19 Utah Symphony, Correspondence- Silverstein, Joseph

FD 20 Utah Symphony, Newspaper Clipping

FD 21 Utah Symphony, Program- Browning Center November 25, 1979

FD 22 Utah Symphony, Program- Symphony Hall May 13, 1988

Box 4


Thomas D. Dee II

Tributes and Awards

FD 1 Weber County First Congressional Club, Recognition

FD 2 Weber State College, 92 nd Commencement Exercises, June 6, 1980, Photographs

FD 3 Weber State College, 92 nd Commencement Exercises, June 6, 1980, Program,

Invitation and Honorary Degree with Separation Sheet

FD 4 Weber State College, Distinguished Service Award Acceptance Speech, 1975

FD 5 Weber State College, Distinguished Service Award Correspondence, 1975

FD 6 Weber State College, Newspaper Clippings

FD 7 Miscellaneous Newspaper Clippings

University of Utah

FD 8 Alumni Association Founder’s Day Dinner, Newspaper Clippings

FD 9 Alumni Association Founder’s Day Dinner, Outline Presentation for Thomas

Dee, March 5, 1987

FD 10 Alumni Association Founder’s Day Dinner, Programs and Invitations, 1987

FD 11 Alumni Association Founder’s Day Dinner, Remarks, March 7, 1987

FD 12 Correspondence- Detmer, Don E. MD

FD 13 Correspondence- Gardner, David Pierpont

FD 14 Correspondence- Peterson, Chase N. MD

FD 15 Department of Human Genetics, Correspondence

FD 16 Department of Human Genetics, Newspaper Clippings

FD 17 Department of Human Genetics, Thomas D. Dee II Presidential Endowed Chair in

Genetics, Gift Agreement

FD 18 Department of Human Genetics, U of U Review, Vol. 18 No. 2 Oct/Nov 1984

FD 19 Department of Human Genetics, Miscellaneous Information

FD 20 Graduate School of Business Advisory Board, The Journal, Summer 1984

FD 21 Graduate School of Business Advisory Board, Newspaper Clippings

FD 22 Graduate School of Business Advisory Board, Recognition of Achievements

April 1976

FD 23 Thomas D. Dee II Endowment for the Enhancement of Teaching in the College of Fine Arts and Humanities

FD 24 Thomas D. Dee II Endowment for the Enhancement…Correspondence

FD 25 Thomas D. Dee II Endowment for the Enhancement…Memorandum, June 24, 1987

Elizabeth Brown Dee

FD 26 Birth Certificate

FD 27 Funeral Service Program and Family Prayer

FD 28 Receipt for Cadillac, December 18, 1969

Lawrence Taylor Dee


FD 29 Deductions, Taxes 1947-1961

FD 30 List of Personal Property at 2764 Foothill Drive, Ogden, Utah

FD 31 My Finance Book

FD 32 Rocky Mountain Bank Note Book, 1961-1967

FD 33 Trip Expenses, November 1957


FD 34 Cornell in Pictures-1868- 1954, Compiled by Charles V.P. Young, 1999

FD 35 Correspondence- Munns, James J.

FD 36 “The Remarkable Generation of Cornell, 1914,” 60 th Reunion Remarks by Harold


Box 5


Lawrence Taylor Dee


FD 1 Knapp, Kenneth E.

FD 2 Myers, Williams I.

FD 3 Valentines Circa 1910

FD 4 Miscellaneous, Personal


FD 5 Certificate of Graduation, United States School of Military Aeronautics, March

23, 1918

FD 6 Commission Documents, March 1918

FD 7 Honorable Discharge from the Army of the United States

FD 8 Orders, April-August 1918

FD 9 Veterans Administration Correspondence


FD 10 Autobiography, “My Life Story”

FD 11 Birth Certificate

FD 12 Birthday Book

FD 13 Funeral, Memorial Book

FD 14 Funeral, Newspaper Clippings

FD 15 Interview with Lawrence T. Dee

FD 16 National Defense Program Application, August 25, 1942

FD 17 Newspaper Clippings

FD 18 Passport

FD 19 Wedding- Marriage Book and Invitation

FD 20 Wedding- Telegrams and Flowers

Tributes and Awards

FD 21 McKay Dee Hospital- Newsletters, 1976-1977

FD 22 McKay Dee Hospital- Newspaper Clippings

FD 23 National Conference of Christians and Jews, Awards Dinner Program,

April 6, 1976

FD 24 National Conference of Christians and Jews, Correspondence

FD 25 National Conference of Christians and Jews, Newspaper Clippings

FD 26 Ogden Pioneer Days Parade Grand Marshall- Correspondence

FD 27 Ogden Pioneer Days Parade Grand Marshall- Newspaper Clippings

FD 28 Ogden Pioneer Days Parade Grand Marshall- Program

FD 29 Rotary Foundation, Paul Harris Fellow, March 1974

FD 30 Rotary Foundation, Paul Harris Fellow, Correspondence

FD 31 Utah Construction and Mining Company Resolution on Resignation of Lawrence

T. Dee with Separation Sheet

Box 6


Lawrence T. Dee

Tributes and Awards

FD 1 Utah Education Association, Honor Roll Award, October 6, 1977 with Newspaper


FD 2 Weber State College- 75 th Birthday Party Photographs, August 3, 1976

FD 3 Weber State College- 75 th Birthday Party Program and Invite List

FD 4 Weber State College- Honorary Degree, 86 th Annual Commencement Program and Degree, June 1, 1974 with Separation Sheet

FD 5 Weber State College- Honorary Degree, Newspaper Clippings

Janet Teller Dee

FD 6 Certificate of Death

FD 7 Funeral, Condolences

FD 8 Funeral, Memorial Tribute Book

FD 9 Newspaper Clippings

FD 10 Teller, Charles and Jennie Biographical Information

FD 11 Miscellaneous, “Your Bosom Friend”

Maude Dee Porter

FD 12 “Aunt Maude Reminisces,” June 1964

FD 13 Business- Canyon Property Deeds

FD 14 Business- Miscellaneous Receipts

FD 15 Estate- Budget

FD 16 Estate- Correspondence

FD 17 Estate- Court Documents

FD 18 Funeral- Memorial Tribute Book

FD 19 Last Will and Testament with First and Second Codicil

Thomas D. Dee

FD 20 Certificate of Citizenship for Thomas H. Dee and Thomas D. Dee, 1871

FD 21 Commission Documents, Justice of the Peace Territory of Utah, 1883 and 1889

FD 22 Funeral- Casket Covering

Box 7


Thomas D. Dee

FD 1 Funeral- Condolences and Cards from Floral Offerings

FD 2 Funeral- Mourning Papers

FD 3 Legal- Abstract of Title to Family Home

FD 4 Legal- Bank Book for Estate of Thomas D. Dee

FD 5 Legal- Taxes Receipt for Year 1883

Elizabeth Dee Shaw Stewart

FD 6 Obituary and Family Information

Thomas George Baker

FD 7 Obituary and Memorial Service Program

Thomas D. Dee Family Association

FD 8 Constitution and By Laws, 1961


FD 9 Dee Family Historical and Biographical Sketch

FD 10 Family Correspondence 1905-1965

FD 11 List of Significant Documents from Files of Lawrence T. and Thomas D. Dee II


Dee-Eccles Company

FD 12 Accounts Payable, 1938-1950

FD 13 Articles of Incorporation and Amendments, 1919-1938

FD 14 Journal- Cash Deposits, Check Register January 1, 1926-December 31, 1937 Separation Sheet


FD 15 1937

FD 16 1940

FD 17 1941

FD 18 1942

Box 8


Dee-Eccles Company


FD 1 1943

FD 2 1944

FD 3 1945

FD 4 1946

FD 5 1947

FD 6 1948

FD 7 1949

FD 8 1950

FD 9 1961

FD 10 Miscellaneous

FD 11 Resolution Regarding Richard B. Porter, December 11, 1945

Glenwood Springs

FD 12 Agreements and Correspondence

FD 13 Property Deeds

Pendleton Canning and Frozen Foods Company

FD 14 Stock Book

FD 15 Stock Book, Loose Papers

Thomas D. Dee Investment Company

FD 16 Agreement with J.M. and M.S. Browning Company


FD 17 From Investment Company, 1937-1964

FD 18 Haskins and Sells

FD 19 Scholefield, Wells & Baxter

FD 20 State Security Bank

FD 21 Utah Canning Company

FD 22 Utah Taxpayer Association

First Security Bank

FD 23 Bank Book 1967-1968

Box 9


Thomas D. Dee Investment Company


FD 1 Bank Book 1969-1973

FD 2 Bank Book 1969-1973, Loose Papers

FD 3 Deposit Book 1938-1970

FD 4 Articles of Incorporation and Amendments

FD 5 Audit Report 1905

FD 6 Certificate of Dissolution

FD 7 Option Agreement

FD 8 Resolutions

FD 9 Statement of Domestic Corporation


FD 10 Handwritten

FD 11 Stock Distribution

FD 12 To Edith


FD 13 George S. Barker, Lawyer 1937-1938

FD 14 The Home Abstract Company, 1946

FD 15 J.A. Hogle and Company, 1963

FD 16 Scholefield, Wells & Baxter, 1933-1935

FD 17 Miscellaneous, 1906-1933


FD 18 1924

FD 19 1925

FD 20 1926

FD 21 1927

FD 22 1928

FD 23 1929

FD 24 1930

FD 25 1931

FD 26 1932

FD 27 1933

FD 28 1934

FD 29 1937

FD 30 1938

FD 31 1939

FD 32 1940

FD 33 1941

Box 10


Thomas D. Dee Investment Company


FD 1 1942

FD 2 1943

FD 3 1944

FD 4 1945

FD 5 1946

FD 6 1947

FD 7 1948

FD 8 1949

FD 9 1950

FD 10 1951

FD 11 1952

FD 12 1953

FD 13 1954

FD 14 1955

FD 15 1956

FD 16 1957

FD 17 1958

FD 18 1959

FD 19 1960

FD 20 1961

FD 21 1962

FD 22 1963

FD 23 1964

FD 24 1965

FD 25 1966

FD 26 1967

FD 27 1968

FD 28 1969

FD 29 1970

FD 30 1971

FD 31 1972

FD 32 1973

FD 33 Ledger Books, 1917-1937 with Separation Sheet

FD 34 Stocks- Inventory July 28, 1937

FD 35 Stocks- Receipt December 18, 1973

Box 11


Thomas D. Dee Investment Company


FD 1 1973

FD 2 Correspondence

FD 3 Statement of Corporation Franchise Tax, 1960-1967

FD 4 Miscellaneous

Utah Canning Company


FD 5 1914

FD 6 1915

FD 7 1916

FD 8 1917

FD 9 1919

FD 10 1920

FD 11 1921

FD 12 Miscellaneous


FD 13 Proxy for Margaret D. Higginbotham, February 18, 1938

FD 14 R.F.C. Loan Paperwork

FD 15 Receipts- Travel Expenses

FD 16 Recipes- Book One

FD 17 Recipes- Book Two


FD 18 1904-1922

FD 19 Ledger Book, 1896-1900 with Separation Sheet

FD 20 Ledger Book, 1923-1949

Box 12


Utah Canning Company


FD 1 Ledger Book, Loose Papers, 1936-1939


FD 2 Book One

FD 3 Book Two

FD 4 Capital, October 1938

FD 5 First Security Trust Division


FD 6 1941

FD 7 1942

FD 8 Analysis of Surplus 1917-1942

FD 9 Miscellaneous


FD 10 Advertisements with Negatives

FD 11 Canning Trade, December 18, 1959 Volume 82, Number 24

FD 12 “Economic Forecast—1968,” Talk for short course for canning crop growers and

Canning field men, January 5, 1968

FD 13 History of Canning in Utah

FD 14 Newspaper Clippings


FD 15 Amalgamated Sugar Company

FD 16 American Fuel Company

FD 17 Bank of Morgan

FD 18 Bow Knot Uranium Corporation

FD 19 Burton Implement Company

FD 20 Ellison Milling and Elevator Company

FD 21 First National Bank of Ogden

FD 22 First Security Corporation

FD 23 Jule’s Chocolate Shoppe

FD 24 Lion Coal Corporation

FD 25 Lyme Irrigation Company

FD 26 Idaho Metals Company, 1927-1929

FD 27 Milkmaid Mining Company

FD 28 Mountain States Implement Company

FD 29 Ogden Hot Springs Sanitarium Company

FD 30 Securities Investment Company of Brigham City

Box 13



FD 1 Silver King Coalition Mines Company

FD 2 Stock Ledger

FD 3 Superior Rock Springs Coal

FD 4 Tennessee Rebel

FD 5 Trust Fund, Ogden Savings Bank

FD 6 Utah Cereal Food Company

FD 7 Utah-Idaho Sugar Company

FD 8 Western Petroleum Corporation

FD 9 Miscellaneous


FD 10 Advertisement with Negative, Utah Construction Company

FD 11 Agreements with Deseret Savings Bank- September 10, 1920

FD 12 Blank Oath

Subject Files

FD 13 Berthana- Newspaper

FD 14 Blackmail Case- David Eccles: Pioneer Industrialist by Leonard J. Arrington pgs.


FD 15 Blackmail Case- Evidence Book with Separation Sheet

FD 16 Blackmail Case- Photocopies of Newspaper Clippings

FD 17 Block to Block- Nov./Dec. Issue, 1992 Exploring Possibilities in Ogden’s Vintage


FD 18 Browning Shotguns Superimposed Guarantees

FD 19 Dee Day- Proclamation and Program, April 29, 1970

FD 20 Dee Day- Newspaper Clipping

FD 21 Dee Elementary School Dedication Program- February 18, 1971

Dee Events Center

FD 22 Dedication Photograph Book

FD 23 Dedication Program, November 1, 1977

FD 24 Dedication Remarks by Elizabeth Stewart

FD 25 Dedication Remarks by Thomas D. Dee

FD 26 Groundbreaking Information Packet and Program, March 21, 1975

FD 27 Groundbreaking Photographs with Correspondence

FD 28 Minutes of the Finance Committee Meeting, Weber State College, February 27,


FD 29 Photographs and Correspondence Prior to Groundbreaking

FD 30 Photographs of Special Events Center Fund Drive, March 23, 1974

FD 31 Newspaper Clippings

FD 32 Dee Memorial Hospital- McKay-Dee Salutes the Bicentennial Program

FD 33 Dee Memorial Hospital- Scanner, Volume V November-December 1971 No. 5

FD 34 Dee Memorial Hospital- Newspaper Clippings

FD 35 Dee Memorial Park- Dedication Program and Invitation

FD 36 Dee Memorial Park- Dedication Remarks, September 26, 1980

FD 37 Dee Memorial Park- Newspaper Clippings

FD 38 Edmund Wattis Littlefield- Obituary and Memorial Service Program

FD 39 Edmund Wattis Littlefield- Remarks given by E.W. Littlefield in 1973

FD 40 Lawrence T. Dee Medical Arts Building- Correspondence

FD 41 Lawrence T. Dee Medical Arts Building- Dedication Program and Remarks,

September 5, 1980

FD 42 Lawrence T. and Janet T. Dee Foundation- Bravo Award, 1999

FD 43 McKay-Dee Hospital Foundation- Edith Dee Green Auditorium-Classroom Complex, Program and Correspondence

FD 44 McKay-Dee Hospital Foundation- McKay-Dee Hospital Center 100 Year

Anniversary Gala Program, April 30, 2010

FD 45 Miscellaneous Newspaper Clippings

Box 14



Thomas D. Dee II

FD 1 Childhood Photos

P1 Tommy in front of the Thomas D. Dee Memorial Hospital

P2 Portrait of Tommy unknown Date


FD 2 38 th General Hospital

P1-45 Pictures of Tommy’s time at the hospital following his crash

FD 3 Aircraft Crew and Crash with Newspaper Clipping, Chaplin Prayer and

Separation Sheet

P1 “Our Radio Operator,”

P2 “March 29, 1944 Egyptian Desert,” Plane Crash

P3 Abadan, Iran- March 1944. With newspaper Clipping. Before crash

P4 Andimeshk, Iran before take-off, before crash

FD 4 Alexandria Baseball

P1-32 Baseball game in Alexandria

FD 5 Algiers


FD 6 Benghazi Tripoli


FD 7 Football Game, Gezira, Thanksgiving

P1-14 Football Game in Gezira

FD 8 Half Moon Bay with HO.


FD 9 Heliopolis, Egypt

P1-25 Down time in Heliopolis

FD 10 Leave in Palestine


FD 11 Life at Payne Field


FD 12 Life in Cairo

P1-53 Cairo Zoo and other areas

FD 13 Palestine on Business

P1-9 At the beach

FD 14 Postcards, Scenes of Cairo

P1 Madabegh Street

P2 Fouad I Street

P3 Midan Souares

P4 Khedive Ismail Bridge

P5 Mixt Courts & Fouad I Street

P6 Midan Soliman Pasha

P7 Sharia Fouad El Awai

P8 Opera Square

P9 Midan Tewfikieh

P10 Fouad I Street

P11 “Mo,” the pooch and “Snafu,” the monk

FD 15 Pyramids


FD 16 Unknown Locations


FD 17 Western Desert


FD 18 Miscellaneous Photos of Tommy



FD 19 Page One

P1-9 Washington D.C.

FD 20 Page Two

P1-8 At a Beach, Palm Beach

FD 21 Page Three

P1-8 Palm Beach, July 1942

FD 22 Page Four

P1-11 Palm Beach

FD 23 Page Five

P1-9 Morrison & Palm Beach, Florida

FD 24 Page Six

P1-8 Miami & Palm Beach Florida Postcard from San Juan, Puerto Rico

FD 25 Page Seven

P1-9 Accra, Gold Coast, Ghana

FD 26 Page Eight

P1-11 Leopoldville, Belgian Congo

FD 27 Page Nine

P1-6 Dakar, Senegal

FD 28 Page Ten

P1 Leopoldville, Belgian Congo P2-5 Elizabethville, Belgian Congo

P6-8 Northern Rhodesia

FD 29 Page Eleven

P1-9 Tanganyika

FD 30 Page Twelve

Embarkation Card

New Africa Hotel

Newspaper Clipping

FD 31 Page Thirteen

Certificate of Pilgrimage

Newspaper Clipping

FD 32 Page Fourteen

P1 Air Corps, Morrison Field, Florida

P2 Army Air Forces Office Replacement Pool, Lowry Field, Colorado

FD 33 Page Fifteen

Pan American Airways Ticket Miami-Leopoldville

Dah-Dit the 19 th Communications Squadron, Volume 2 Number 8 July 8, 1943

FD 34 Page Sixteen

Special Orders no. 21 June 12, 1943

Newspaper Clippings

Box 15


Thomas D. Dee II



FD 1 Page Seventeen

P1-2 Payne Field, Egypt

FD 2 Page Eighteen

P1-6 Nairobi

FD 3 Page Nineteen

P1-7 Nairobi

FD 4 Page Twenty


FD 5 Page Twenty One and Twenty Two


Newspaper Clipping

Piece of Money “The Japanese Government

Postal Telegram

FD 6 Page Twenty Three and Twenty Four

Stanford Pictures

FD 7 Page Twenty Five and Twenty Six

Stanford Pictures

FD 8 Page Twenty Seven and Twenty Eight

Stanford Graduation Program

Group picture with Tommy and newspaper clipping

FD 9 Page Twenty Nine

Negative and miscellaneous letter items

University of Utah

FD 10 Alumni Founders Day Dinner

P1-6 In front of picture of Thomas D. Dee II

P7-13 At the Dinner Table

P14-24 Photos with various people

FD 11 Unknown Event

P1 Men seated around a table with list of names

P2 Two men at the bar

FD 12 Utah Symphony

P1-3 Thomas D. Dee II conducting the symphony

P4 Thomas D. Dee II with Deedee Corradini

P5 Thomas D. Dee II with Jon M. Huntsman

P6 Group of men performing on stage

FD 13 Miscellaneous Photograph

P1 Receiving flowers from Army Colonel

P2-3 Photographs of parents in leather picture book

Lawrence T. Dee

FD 14 Individual Photos with Separation Sheet

P1-4 As a Child

P5-6 As young adult

P7-8 In uniforms

P9-26 As Adult

FD 15 Group Photos

P1-2 Photos of home

P3 with mother, Annie

P4 with Janet

P5 with Janet, Edna Spargo and John Spargo

P6 with Wesley W. Anderson, Marriner S. Eccles, Joseph Quinney,

Robert H. Hinckley, September 9, 1976

P7 with Janet, and Mrs. Benning

P8-10 with various individuals

FD 16 75 th Birthday Party

P1-9 At Weber College

Janet T. Dee

FD 17 Individual Photos

P1 Janet’s Cat

P2-5 Janet

Dee Family

FD 18 Engravings

Of Thomas D. and Annie T. Dee

FD 19 Generation Photos with Separation Sheet

P1-3 with Lawrence T. and Thomas D. II and portrait of Thomas D. Dee

FD 20 Group Photos with Separation Sheet

P1 Baby Blessing of Thomas Dee III (Tim) 1953

FD 21 Individual Photos with Separation Sheet

P1 Annie T. Dee

P2 Reese Dee

P3 Elizabeth and Donnell Stewart

P4 Edith Dee Green

P5 Unknown Individual

FD 22 Negatives

FD 23 Scrapbook, Elizabeth Stewart

FD 24 Scrapbook, Elizabeth Stewart, Loose Photographs and CD


FD 25 Dee Events Center

P1-2 Elizabeth and Donnell Stewart, Lawrence T. and Thomas D. Dee II

Holding picture of Center

P3-5 Elizabeth and Donnell Stewart, Lawrence T., Thomas D. Dee II

and President of Weber College

P6 Drawing of Center

P7 Photograph of finished Center

FD 26 Dee Memorial Hospital

P1-2 Dedication of Hospital, 1975

P3 Lawrence and unknown by picture of the Hospital

P4 Completed Hospital

P5 Members of the Board

FD 27 Thiokol


FD 28 Weber State College, Honorary Degree

P1 Lawrence T. Receiving honorary Degree

P2-3 Thomas D. Dee II with President of the College, Governor

Bangerter and unknown individual

Box 16



FD 1 The Stars and Stripes Middle East December 3, 1943 See Box 2 FD 7

Tributes and awards

Thomas D. Dee II

FD 2 Charter Membership in the Founding Grant Society (Stanford University) See Box 3 FD 3

FD 3 Beehive Hall of Fame, Resolution of the McKay-Dee Hospital Center Board of Trustees February 6, 1986 See Box 3 FD 9

FD 4 Utah International Resolution of the board of directors See Box 3 FD 17

FD 5 Weber State College, 92nd Commencement Honorary Degree See Box 4 FD 3

Lawrence T. Dee

FD 6 Utah Construction and Mining Company Resolution on Resignation See Box 5 FD 31

FD 7 Weber State College- Honorary Degree, 86th Annual Commencement See Box 6 FD 4


FD 8 P 1-3 Aircraft Crew and Crash See Box 14 FD 3

P 4-5 Lawrence T. Dee See Box 15 FD 14

P 6-7 Generation Photos See Box 15 FD 19

P 8 Group (Family Photo) circa 1920 See Box 15 FD 20

P 9 Annie Dee See Box 15 FD 21

FD 9 Holmes Stereoscope with Stereo Cards and Stand

Box 17



FD 1 Dee Eccles Company Journal- Cash Deposits, Check Register January 1, 1926- December 31, 1937 See Box 7 FD 14

FD 2 Thomas D. Dee Company Ledger Book 1917-1925, See Box 10 FD 33

Box 18



FD 1 Thomas D. Dee Company Ledger Book 1925-1937, See Box 10 FD 33

FD 2 Utah Canning Company Ledger Book 1896-1900, See Box 11 FD 19

FD 3 Blackmail Case Evidence Book

Box 19


Section 1 Large Uniform Buttons

Section 2 Small Uniform Buttons

Section 3 U. S. Pins

Section 4 Army Air Corps Wing Pins

Section 5 Tie Tacks

Section 6 Picture Locket

Section 7 Miscellaneous Tie Tacks and Cuff Links

Section 8 Hat Pin

Section 9 Cuff Links, Fish and Tackel

Section 10 Rank

Section 11 Dog Tags, Full

Section 12 Dog Tags, Partial

Section 13 Colonel Tie Tack and Cuff Links

Section 14 Miscellaneous

Box 20


Section 1 Army Air Corps Patch

Section 2 Campaign Ribbons

Section 3 Rotary Club Tie Tack, Cuff Links and Pin

Section 4 Star

Section 5 Key

Section 6 Rotary International Senior Active Member Pin for Lawrence T. Dee

Box 21


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