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Harris-Hite Family Archives

Identifier: MS-423

Scope and Contents

The Harris-Hite collection was donated by Sharon Ruth Hite Lewis, granddaughter of Mattie

Wattis Harris. It contains materials that were assembled in binders, each one pertaining to an

individual in the Wattis, Harris or Hite family. The order in which they were received has been

retained as closely as possible, so this collection is organized by individual family members,

each person being a series, beginning with Mattie Wattis Harris. This series contains personal

materials as well as civic materials documenting her involvement in the Martha Society, Child

Culture Club, Girl Scouts, Y.W.C.A., and her nomination for mother of the year. It also contains

materials from her first marriage to Ray O’Donnell and her second to William Harris.

The William H. Harris series follows with materials from his job at Ogden Paint, Oil and Glass

Company, including materials for a convention that served as a honeymoon as well. There is also

both personal and business correspondence. William and Mattie’s children are next, with Ruth

Harris Hite being first. This series contains materials from her school days at a private school,

Marlborough School for Girls, and at Stanford University. It also contains some civic materials

and correspondence with her husband William Hite. Following Ruth are materials for Marguerite

Harris, the youngest daughter who only lived nine years. Included are her art work and

condolences to her parents on her untimely death.

The Martha Ann Bybee Wattis series is last with mostly correspondence and newspaper

clippings. Also included are materials from her golden wedding anniversary and her estate,

including her last will and testament. This is followed by the Other Family series which includes

information for the parents and brother of William Hite, husband of Ruth Harris Hite. It also

contains numerous newspaper clippings for weddings and business dealings pertaining to the

Wattis family and its many branches.

The last series is a section on the Utah Construction Company which contains a few meeting

minutes, newspaper clippings, and other various items. At the end of the collection are the few

oversized items pulled from throughout the collection, and documented with separation sheets.


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10 Boxes

Language of Materials



Box 1 Mattie Wattis Harris, Personal

FD 1 Application for Social Security Account Number

FD 2 Autograph Book Circa 1900

FD 3 Checks


FD 4 Bachman, J.R.- Amalgamated Sugar Company, December 18, 1959

FD 5 Cook, W.P.- June 23, 1939

FD 6 Harris, Ruth

FD 7 Harris, William (Billy)

FD 8 Janet

FD 9 Neiges, Jean E. Secretary Lewis B. Coates Association, January 8, 1944

FD 10 Pat, 1917-1937

FD 11 Pincock, Douglas- President Weber Club June 29, 1960

FD 12 Poem “To Helen,” August 27, 1942

FD 13 Postcards- Blank

FD 14 Postcards- Miscellaneous

FD 15 Wattis, E.O. (Papa) Card to

FD 16 Wattis, Leland Roy November 21, 1904

FD 17 Wattis, Martha

FD 18 Guest Book, August-September 1946

FD 19 Harris Art Shop- Greeting Cards

FD 20 Harris Art Shop-Scrapbook (With Separation Sheet)

FD 21 Harris Art Shop- Statement 1929 FD 22 Legal- Estate of Mattie Wattis Harris FD 23 Legal- Estate of E.O. Wattis FD 24 Legal- Warranty Deed for Property in Weber County FD 25 National Paint, Oil and Varnish Association National Convention, October 1929 FD 26 Newspaper Clippings FD 27 Payroll Stub, California Packing Corporation, September 1942 FD 28 Travel- American Express Company Itinerary FD 29 Travel- Miscellaneous FD 30 Miscellaneous, Scrapbook (with Separation Sheet) FD 31 Miscellaneous Marriage

FD 32 Raymond T. O’Donnell, Wedding Book 1 of 2 Box 2 Mattie Wattis Harris, Marriage

FD 1 Raymond T. O’Donnell, Wedding Book 2 of 2

William H. Harris

FD 2 Correspondence- Congratulations

FD 3 Correspondence- Harris, William (Billy)

FD 4 Correspondence- Honeymoon

FD 5 Correspondence- Postcards

FD 6 Correspondence- Wattis, Martha

FD 7 Correspondence- Wattis, Ruth

FD 8 Honeymoon

FD 9 Marriage Certificate and Announcement

FD 10 Release of Claim, June 4, 1895

FD 11 Wedding Journal


FD 12 American Red Cross- Canteen Corp Certificates

FD 13 American Red Cross- Membership Cards

FD 14 American Red Cross- Newspaper Clippings

FD 15 Civilian War Time Committee

Child Culture Club

FD 16 Correspondence

FD 17 Newspaper Clippings

FD 18 Poetic Recognitions

FD 19 President’s Report, 1956-1957

FD 20 Programs, Yearly 1954-1955

FD 21 Programs, Yearly 1957-1958

FD 22 Delphian Society, Chapter Membership Card

Girl Scouts

FD 23 Certificates- Membership and Appreciation

FD 24 Correspondence

FD 25 Newspaper Clippings

FD 26 Pamphlet, “Who are the Girl Scouts”

FD 27 Photographs/Postcards

FD 28 Rocky Mountain Regional Conference, May 9-11, 1939

FD 29 Martha Society- Newspaper Clippings

Mother of the Year

FD 30 Correspondence

FD 31 Newspaper Clippings

FD 32 Nomination Form

FD 33 Program- Award Ceremony and Certificate of Merit

FD 34 Yearbook, 1960

FD 35 Ogden Surgical Society- Correspondence

FD 36 Utah Federation of Women’s Clubs- Correspondence

FD 37 Utah Federation of Women’s Clubs- Leadership Institute Certificate and Delegate Badge, July, 1957

FD 38 Utah Federation of Women’s Clubs- Newspaper Clippings


FD 39 Annual Meeting Programs- 1949, 1952

FD 40 Correspondence

FD 41 Lifetime Membership Certificate

FD 42 Newspaper Clippings

FD 43 Pamphlet

FD 44 Miscellaneous- Newspaper Clippings

William H. Harris, Personal

FD 45 Certificate of Promotion, 10 th District School, June 15, 1890

FD 46 Check Register- October 3-November 15, 1918

FD 47 Church Membership and Certificate of Baptism- February 18, 1958


FD 48 Bill- January 25, 1945

FD 49 Carver, John Edward

FD 50 Congratulations on birth of daughter

FD 51 Fretwell, Mrs. M.J. - August 21, 1905

FD 52 Harris, Mattie

FD 53 Harris, Ruth

FD 54 Jones, J.C. –Secretary July 17, 1946

Box 3 William H. Harris, Personal

FD 1 Correspondence- Wattis, E.O and Martha

FD 2 Correspondence- Woolly, Ivy Houtz

FD 3 Correspondence- Miscellaneous Notes

FD 4 Genealogical Information

FD 5 Identification Cards

FD 6 Memorial Service Program- Harris, Emily

FD 7 Newspaper Clippings

FD 8 Norwegian American Line, Passenger List, June 30, 1953

FD 9 Obituary

FD 10 Passport


FD 11 Business Cards


FD 12 Hoover, Herbert- January 29, 1947

FD 13 Peery, Harmon W.

FD 14 Utah Oil Refining Company

FD 15 Miscellaneous

FD 16 First Security Corporation- Branch Clearings, Volume II, No. 1 December, 1959-January 1960

FD 17 First Security Corporation- Certificate of Award, December 1951

FD 18 First Security Corporation- Correspondence

FD 19 Newspaper Clippings

Ogden Paint Oil and Glass Co.

FD 20 29 th Annual Convention National Paint, Oil and Varnish Association, October

9-12, 1916- Correspondence

FD 21 29 th Annual Convention National Paint, Oil and Varnish Association, October 9-12, 1916- Information

FD 22 42 nd Annual Banquet of the National Paint Oil and Varnish Association October 18, 1929- Program

FD 23 Caricature of Harris, 1909

FD 24 Receipts for Stocks received of Mattie Harris, February 13, 1959

FD 25 The Utoco Torch, July 1956


FD 26 The Alta Club- Annual Report, December 31, 1957

FD 27 Newspaper Clippings

FD 28 The Ogden Surgical Society- 15 th Annual Meeting Program May 18-20, 1960

FD 29 Rotary International, Convention, Passenger List- RMS Mauretania, New York-Paris 1953

FD 30 Rotary International, History of the Ogden Rotary Club

FD 31 Smithsonian Institution- Patron Certificate

Ruth Harris Hite, Funeral

FD 32 Flower Cards, 1 of 2

FD 33 Flower Cards, 2 of 2

FD 34 Memorial Donation Cards

FD 35 Program


FD 36 Bridal Shower Scrapbook (with Separation Sheet) FD 37 Correspondence- Congratulations, Family Box 4 Ruth Harris Hite, Marriage

FD 1 Correspondence- Congratulations, Others

FD 2 Correspondence- Engagement and Bridal Shower Cards

FD 3 Correspondence- Telegrams

FD 4 Newspaper Clippings

FD 5 Photographs

FD 6 Wedding and Engagement Party Guest Books, Book One, January 27-February 16, 1941

FD 7 Wedding and Engagement Party Guest Books, Book Two, February 20, 1941


FD 8 Art Work (Drawings)

FD 9 Birth Certificate


FD 10 Cards from Ruth

FD 11 Cards from Ruth and Bill

FD 12 Dumke, Captain E.R. July 10, 1918

FD 13 Harris, Marguerite

FD 14 Harris, Mattie (Mother)

FD 15 Harris, William H. (Daddy)

FD 16 Hite, Bill

FD 17 Wattis, Martha (Grandmother)

FD 18 Miscellaneous

FD 19 Dance Cards

FD 20 Newspaper Clippings

FD 21 Receipts, 1927-1937

FD 22 Temporary Identification Pass, War Department- Air Corps, Hill Field Utah

FD 23 Travel, Passports

FD 24 Travel, Trip to Cuba 1935

FD 25 Travel, Trip to London 1936

FD 26 Welfare League of Ogden- Correspondence- Loos, Mary Alice October 11, 1940

FD 27 Welfare League of Ogden- Program- “Follies of 1939,” December 8, 1939

FD 28 Miscellaneous- Items

Box 5 Ruth Harris Hite, Personal

FD 1 Miscellaneous- Memorial Service Program- Bybee, John Taylor

FD 2 Miscellaneous- Wedding Announcements

Schools, Marlborough School

FD 3 Commencement Exercise Program and Invitation, Jume 11, 1936

FD 4 Information Book

FD 5 “The Parole System”

FD 6 Report Card, 1936

FD 7 Senior Graduation Dress Requirements

FD 8 Sundial Yearbook, 1936

FD 9 Newspaper Clippings

FD 10 Ogden Senior High School- Commencement Exercise Program, May 21, 1933

FD 11 Ogden Senior High School- Commencement Exercise Programs and Invitations, May 29, 1936

FD 12 Ogden Senior High School- Report Cards

FD 13 Polk School- Report Card and Correspondence

Stanford University

FD 14 Baccalaureate Service Program, 1936-1940

FD 15 “The C.I.O.: Its Political Policies, 1939-40”

FD 16 Commencement Week Book and Programs, June 14-16, 1940

FD 17 Correspondence

FD 18 “Japanese History,” November 24, 1939

FD 19 Letters of Recommendation

FD 20 Report Cards

FD 21 Scrapbook (With Separation Sheet)

FD 22 Stanford Quad 1937-1938 (with Separation Sheet) FD 23 Stanford YWCA, 1938-1939 Pamphlet FD 24 Miscellaneous FD 25 University of Utah- Report Card, Spring Quarter 1940 William N. Hite

FD 26 Air Corps Training Center Student Weather Maps (With Separation Sheet) FD 27 Military Notebook, 8 June 1945-26 February 1946 FD 28 Stanford Laboratory Note Book, October 1933-March 1934 FD 29 Utah Construction Co. Daily Log “A,” September 1946-January 1947 FD 30 Utah Construction Co. Daily Log “B,” January 1947-July 1947 Box 6 William N. Hite

FD 1 Utah Construction Co. Daily Log “C,” July 1947-November 1947 Marguerite Harris FD 2 Art Work (Drawings) FD 3 The Book of Baby Mine FD 4 Condolence Cards FD 5 Condolence Correspondence FD 6 Teeth and Hair Martha Ann Bybee Wattis

FD 7 Child Culture Club- Programs, 1933 and 1948 Correspondence FD 8 Cronk, Mrs. Ida Foster FD 9 Grandchildren FD 10 Harris, Mattie FD 11 Others FD 12 E.O. Wattis Family Tree Estate FD 13 Correspondence FD 14 Final Account and Petition for Distribution FD 15 Last Will and Testament FD 16 Wattis Estate FD 17 Federation of Women’s Club, General- Delegate, 1928- Mexico FD 18 Federation of Women’s Club, General- Program, 17th Biennial Convention, 1924 FD 19 Federation of Women’s Club, Utah- Program, 64th Annual Convention, May 2-4, 1957 FD 20 Federation of Women’s Club, Western- Membership Cards, 1936-1937 FD 21 Golden Wedding Anniversary Invitation and Correspondence FD 22 Golden Wedding Anniversary Scrapbook (with separation sheet) FD 23 In Remembrance/Obituary FD 24 Newspaper Clippings FD 25 Miscellaneous Other Family

FD 26 Helen S. Wattis- Estate Information FD 27 Ruth Wattis Mitchell- Dedication of Building at Stanford University, November 19, 1970 FD 28 Ruth Wattis Mitchell- Estate, Probate October 8, 1968 James C. Hite FD 29 Central Association of the Miraculous Medal, Certificate December 16, 1949 FD 30 Condolences FD 31 Correspondence- Hite, Bill FD 32 Invitations- Wedding and Graduation FD 33 Newspaper Clippings FD 34 Photographs, Copies of FD 35 Program- Memorial and Dedication Service, May 29, 1945 FD 36 Report Cards- 1923-1932 Clairborne M. Hite FD 37 Central Association of the Miraculous Medal, Certificate December 16, 1949 FD 38 Discharge Certificate, December 2, 1918 FD 39 Memorial Book and Telegram Box 7 Other Family, Clairborne M. Hite

FD 1 Newspaper Clippings FD 2 Photographs, Copies of Margaret E. Hite FD 3 Memorial Book FD 4 Scrapbook with separation sheet Miscellaneous FD 5 Birth Announcements FD 6 Correspondence- N.C. Wattis to Mrs. Bowman FD 7 Graduation Programs FD 8 History: John M. Browning Home FD 9 Newspaper Clippings- Funerals FD 10 Newspaper Clippings- Society/Business FD 11 Newspaper Clippings- Weddings FD 12 Photograph FD 13 Wedding Announcements Utah Construction

FD 14 Marcona- Four Months from Plan to Production- Reprinted from Engineering And Mining Journal, January 1954 FD 15 Meeting Minutes- Stockholders and Board, 1953-1955 FD 16 Newspaper Clippings FD 17 Station “A,” San Francisco 1930 Construction FD 18 Utah Construction Limited- Melbourne, Australia- Balance Sheet at June 30, 1952 FD 19 The Utah Copper Story FD 20 The Utoco Torch, July 1956 FD 21 View-Book of the Boulder (Hoover) Dam- “World’s Biggest Job.” Box 8 Oversized

FD 1 Ruth Harris Hite, Stanford Quad, 1937 FD 2 Ruth Harris Hits, Stanford Quad, 1938 FD 3 William N. Hite, Air Corps Training Center Student Weather Maps FD 4 Martha Ann Bybee Wattis, Golden Wedding Anniversary Scrapbook Box 9 Oversized

FD 1 Mattie Wattis Harris, Harris Art Shop- Scrapbook FD 2 Mattie Wattis Harris, Miscellaneous, Scrapbook FD 3 Ruth Harris Hite, Bridal Shower Scrapbook Box 10 Oversized

FD 1 Ruth Harris Hite, Stanford University Scrapbook FD 2 Margaret E. Hite, Scrapbook

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