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John David and Vera Eccles Collection

Identifier: MS-410

Scope and Contents

The John D. and Vera Eccles Collection was donated by their children in and is made up of

personal and professional papers that span two centuries. The collection is broken up into two

main series, Family and Business, with the Oral History Institute and Publications being minor

series at the end of the collection.

The Family series contains papers of a personal nature for John D. and other members of his

family including his grandparents, both sets, his parents and some aunts and uncles. These papers

include funeral services, obituaries, correspondence and news articles. They also include the will

for Marriner and other financial matters that pertained to John and his immediate family. The

series is arranged by family member starting with John, then moving through the family by line,

starting with David Eccles and moving through to the Young side.

The Business series contains papers that pertain to the photography business of John D. known

as Camera Land. These papers include receipts, correspondence, awards and events where John

showed his personal photography work.

The Oral History Institute series contains the items that deal primarily with that organization in

which John and Vera were the main backers, albeit anonymously. These papers include proposal

ideas for oral history projects, correspondence, news clippings and finished projects, the main

being “Working Together: a Utah Portfolio.” There is also a section about Arthur Rothstein and

his oral history tape.

The Publication series is made up primarily of items that were published, like a book about

Marriner, a book written by Marriner, a Book of Mormon, Photograph books, and other items.

At the end of the collection is the oversized series containing items that would not fit anywhere

else. There are personal papers, publications, ribbons won by John and two boxes of trophies and

plaques won by John and Vera over the course of their careers.


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14 Boxes

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Box 1 Family, John David Eccles Papers

FD 1 Birth Records 1944-1961 (Note: Documents are to remain closed until death) Correspondence, Financial FD 2 May 17, 1948-March 29, 1967 Personal FD 3 January 13, 1947- December 23, 1947 FD 4 January 27, 1948-October 22, 1948 FD 5 February 2, 1949-April 27, 1958 FD 6 June 21, 1960-January 20, 1975 FD 7 Post cards, cards, Christmas cards and letters of condolences, March 3, 1947-June 6, 1964 FD 8 Telegrams, April 4, 1947-June 20, 1965 Financial

FD 9 Account Books, Eccles Family 1948-1965 FD 10 Account Books, Eccles Family 1963-1982 FD 11 Assets, List of June 4, 1969 FD 12 Consolidated Statement of Assets, 1969 FD 13 Handwritten Notes FD 14 Miscellaneous FD 15 Profit and Loss Statement, 1937-1940 FD 16 Securities and Cash Statements, March 3, 1969 FD 17 Stock Receipts, 1964-1969 Legal

FD 18 Consent to Marriage for Marriner Val Eccles to Valerie FD 19 Divorce, Gifts and Trust for Children FD 20 Divorce, Paperwork, Division of Assets FD 21 Divorce, Paperwork, Shirlie Eccles FD 22 Rental Agreement, November 13, 1948 Personal FD 23 Army Records and Discharge Paperwork FD 24 Bridal Announcement and Marriage Certificate, 1943 FD 25 Certificate of Merit and Resolution, 1956-1976 FD 26 Diplomas, 1938-1962 Box 2 Family, John David Eccles Papers, Personal

FD 1 Miscellaneous David Eccles FD 2 Correspondence, March 25, 1910-June 20, 1911 FD 3 Financial, Stock Certificates December 18, 1915 FD 4 Programs, 90th Anniversary Anderson Lumber Company, two copies FD 5 Programs, Dedication of the David Eccles School of Business, October 7, 1991 FD 6 Miscellaneous, Biography of Jakob Backman by George F. Larkin FD 7 News Clippings Marintha and Stewart Eccles FD 8 Letters of release from the British Mission November 1914 Marriner Campbell Eccles FD 9 Funeral Service remarks by Roy N. Bullen FD 10 Proxys FD 11 Top of the Town Menus FD 12 Newspaper Clippings Marriner Stoddard Eccles, Business FD 13 First Security Branch Clearings, Volume 21 Number 3, May-June 1972, World Trade Club Speech FD 14 Junior Achievement, Utah Business Hall of Fame, 1991 FD 15 Miscellaneous Correspondence FD 16 Missionary Diary, January 6, 1910-December 30, 1910 FD 17 Missionary Diary, January 1911-December 23, 1911 FD 18 Missionary Diary, January 12, 1912-April 19, 1912 Personal FD 19 Funeral Services and Contributions in Memory of FD 20 Miscellaneous Posthumous Tributes FD 21 Federal Reserve System Building Naming and Dedication, 1982-1983 FD 22 Federal Reserve System Portraits of Chairman, January 25,1979 FD 23 First Security Branch Clearings Volume 28 Number 1 January 6, 1978, Marriner Stoddard Eccles Memorial Issue FD 24 First Security Corporation 50th Anniversary Report, 1977 Box 3 Family, Marriner Stoddard Eccles, Speeches

FD 1 1947-1968 FD 2 Interviews while member of Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System FD 3 Statements to Congress While member of Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System, 1947-1962 FD 4 Newspaper Clippings, 1957-2000 May Campbell (Maysie) Eccles FD 5 Death Certificate, December 19, 1964 FD 6 Funeral Services Sign in Book, December 21, 1964 FD 7 State of Utah House of Representatives Resolution March 1, 1965 FD 8 Miscellaneous Maysie Ellen Eccles FD 9 Funeral Services, August 24, 1932 (1929-1932) Nora Eccles Harrison FD 10 Magazine Article, Outlook II March-April 1981, and invitation to ground breaking ceremony Willard Eccles FD 11 Newspaper Article, Standard Examiner February 12, 1981 John Hunter Young FD 12 Funeral Services, April 26, 1940 Sarah McDonald Young FD 13 Funeral Services, Sign in Book and Obituary Vera Eschler Rudd Eccles FD 14 Photography Certificates, Professional Photographers of America, Inc., 1961-1970 with photograph Eccles Miscellaneous FD 15 Calendar, Merrill Bean Chevrolet-Imports, February 28, 1985 FD 16 Calendar, Ogden’s Historical Buildings, 1979 FD 17 Invitation, Ballet Dance Recital, May 12, 1978 FD 18 Genealogy Box 4 Business

FD 1 Advertisements and Business Cards for John Eccles Photography business FD 2 Awards, I.P.P.A FD 3 Certificate, Completion of “An Illustrator’s Approach to Portraiture,” 1970 from Winona School of Professional Photography, with Photograph and Paperwork Correspondence FD 4 October 21, 1961-June 17, 1967 FD 5 March 11, 1968-December 16, 1968 FD 6 January 19, 1969-December 31, 1969 FD 7 February 4, 1970-March 31, 1980 FD 8 Stationary, Blank FD 9 Exhibits, 1968-1984 Receipts FD 10 A and M Fix it Shop-Auto-color, 1968-1978 FD 11 A and R Color Labs, February 1968-May 1970 FD 12 J.N. Allred, Inc., December 1967-July 1970 FD 13 American Printing and Envelope Co., June 1968-May 1970 FD 14 Anderson Lumber Company, November 1967-December 1968 FD 15 Backus Business Machines-Burgess Signs, 1967-1975 FD 16 Ben Lomond Motor Hotel, November 1967-January 1974 FD 17 Bennett’s, November 1967-November 1973 FD 18 Career Institute-Currie and Rao, 1967-1973 FD 19 M.W. Carr and Co., Inc., July 1967-June 1972 FD 20 Chase Electric Inc., January 1968-January 1971 FD 21 Chugg’s, January 1967-May 1970 FD 22 Clark’s Janitorial Supplies, August 1968-March 1973 FD 23 Coda Color-Tex, January 1967-September 1976 FD 24 Crittenden Paint and Glass Co., February 1969-June 1978 FD 25 John Eccles-Jos. B. English Company, Inc., 1967-1976 Box 5 Business, Receipts

FD 1 Eastman Kodak Stores Inc., July 1967-February 1978 FD 2 Felt Auto Parts Co.-Francom Advertising Agency, 1967-1969 FD 3 Ford’s Finance and Insurance Co., January 1968-January 1978 FD 4 The Frame House and Gallery, June 1971-June 1978 FD 5 Garn, Ortel-Gross Photo Supply, 1967-1972 FD 6 General Products, November 1967-August 1975 FD 7 Gittings Inc., November 1967-December 1968 FD 8 Gittings Inc., January 1969-September 1976 FD 9 Graphic Systems Inc., October 1977-July 1980 FD 10 Harris and Love, Inc., Advertising-Horton Photography, 1968-1971 FD 11 Holbrook Co., December 1967-May 1971 FD 12 IML Freight Lines Inc.,-Intermountain Janitorial Service, 1968-1972 FD 13 Inkley’s, February 1967-December 1975 FD 14 Intermountain Professional Photographers Association, January 1968-July 1978 Box 6 Business, Receipts

FD 1 J.C. Penny’s-Jung Factor’s, Inc., 1966-1976 FD 2 Janitorial Inspected Maintenance, September 1970-February 1971 FD 3 June’s Blossom Shop, October 1967-May 1970 FD 4 K-Mart-Mrs. Krumback, 1967-1972 FD 5 Lakeshore Motor Coach Lines, Inc.,-Lighthouse Electric Co., 1967-1974 FD 6 The Medick-Barrows Company-Moye’s Glass and Supply Co., 1968-1971 FD 7 Manpower, December 1968-April 1969 FD 8 Meisel Photochrome Corporation, December 1967-August 1980 FD 9 Mountain States Telephone, November 1967-August 1973 FD 10 National Carloading Corporation-Northwest Machine and Balancing, 1967-1973 FD 11 Nye Insurance Agency, May 1968- March 1978 FD 12 Ogden Carbon Dionice Company-Ogden Window Cleaning Company, 1968-1977 FD 13 Ogden Blue Print and Supply Co., January 1968-January 1977 FD 14 Ogden Standard Examiner, April 1968-October 1969 FD 15 Pacific Intermountain Express-Polaroid Corporation, 1967-1978 FD 16 G. Laurence Patane, August 1968-October 1977 FD 17 Petty Cash, November 1968-October 1972 FD 18 Pitney Bowes Inc., December 1967-October 1969 FD 19 Postmaster, February 1968-March 1980 FD 20 Professional Photographers of America, Inc., February 1968-January 1980 Box 7 Business, Receipt

FD 1 The Rangefinder Magazine-The Roberts Company, 1967-1972 FD 2 REA Air Express, March 1968-December 1972 FD 3 Rocky Mountain Professional Photography Association, Inc., April 1968-January 1974 FD 4 Rudd, Vera, February 1968-June 1969 FD 5 S.M.W. Maintenance Eng.-Sun Chronicle, 1967-1977 FD 6 Sears Roebuck and Co., December 1967-January 1970 FD 7 Thiokol-Triple AAA Wall Cleaning Service, 1968-1969 FD 8 Treck Photographic Inc., July 1968-December 1969 FD 9 Treck Photographic Inc., January 1970-December 1971 FD 10 Treck Photographic Inc., February 1972-July 1976 FD 11 Tenneco Chemicals, Inc., October 1971-July 1973 FD 12 UARCO Incorporated-Utah State Tax Commission, 1968-1980 FD 13 VWR Scientific-Van Kampen and Sons, Inc., 1968-1976 FD 14 Vilas-Mages Company, March 1968-February 1973 FD 15 Washington, Billy Eric-Wycoff Company Inc., 1966-1980 FD 16 Weber Office Supply Company, November 1967-May 1973 Box 8 Business, Receipts

FD 1 Z.C.M.I.-Ziabicki Imports Co., 1968-1978 Miscellaneous

FD 2 Miscellaneous Oral History Institute

FD 3 Administrative/History information, Beginning of Project FD 4 Arthur Rothstein, information about, plus oral history interview FD 5 Contributor’s Packet, August 15, 1986 FD 6 Correspondence, March 1984-September 1987 FD 7 Event Invitations, December 1986-January 1987 FD 8 In Our Time: An Evening of Personal Reminiscences, 1983 FD 9 Proposal Information on “Working Together: A Utah Portfolio” 2 Copies FD 10 Proposal to Create an Archive on Ethnicity and Civil Rights FD 11 Working Draft: Social Networks and Friendship Patterns of Ethnic and Minority Elderly of the Greater Salt Lake Area Based on Race, Religion and Ethnicity, 1986 FD 12 Working Together: A Utah Portfolio, Director Packet with Letter from Governor Bangerter August 15, 1986 FD 13 Working Together: A Utah Portfolio, Photograph and Interview Excerpts from the Oral History Institute’s Ethnic and Minority Documentary Project FD 14 Bound Oral Histories Box 9 Oral History Institute

FD 1 Unbound Oral Histories FD 2 News Clippings Publications

FD 3 Banquet of the Golden Plate” American Academy of Achievement, Eleventh Annual, July 8, 1972 FD 4 “Beckoning Frontiers: Public and Personal Recollections,” by Marriner S. Eccles 1966 FD 5 “The Federal Reserve System: its Purpose and Functions,” 1939 Box 10 Oversized, Family, John D. Eccles

FD 1 Legal, Will Information on Marriner S. Eccles Ellen Stoddard Eccles FD 2 Bound transcript of funeral services, obituaries, letters and telegrams of condolences, and memorial donations FD 3 Unbound copy of folder two plus newspaper obituary Publications

FD 4 Acorn 1940, Weber College Yearbook FD 5 Acorn 1941, Weber College Yearbook FD 6 “The American West in the Thirties,” 122 Photographs by Arthur Rothstein, 1981 FD 7 “Bearing Witness: A Photographic Chronicle of American Life, 1806-1945,” by Michael Lesy, 1982 Box 11 Oversized, Publications

FD 1 “The Book of Mormon,” 1981 Edition with inscription, May 1, 1989 FD 2 “The Depression Years as Photographed by Arthur Rothstein,” 120 Photos, 1937 FD 3 “Marriner S. Eccles: Private Entrepreneur and Public Servant,” by Sidney Hyman, 1976 Box 12 Oversized, Ribbons

FD 1 1966 FD 2 1967 FD 3 1969 FD 4 1970 FD 5 1971 Box 13 Oversized, Trophies and Plaques, Trophies John D. Eccles

TR 1 1st Place Utah Photographic Convention 1954 TR 2 3rd Portrait, I.P.P.A., 1960 TR 3 Creative 1st, I.P.P.A, 1966 John D. Eccles TR 4 Printing 2nd I.P.P.A., 1966 John Eccles TR 5 2nd Portrait, I.P.P.A., 1961 TR 6 Finished Product 3rd, I.P.P.A., 1966 John Eccles TR 7 1st Portrait, men I.P.P.A Photo Exhibit 1971 John D. Eccles Plaques PL 1 Presidents Society, John D. and Vera Eccles, Weber State University, 1990, 1991 PL 2 Photography Hall of Fame, Elector, John D. Eccles 1969 PL3 Photographic Art and Science Foundation Hall of Fame Elector, Acknowledges Continuous support for years 1969-1986 PL 4 1st Place Color Portraiture, John D. Eccles, Intermountain Professional Photographers Assn, May 9, 1959 PL 5 First Place, Portrait-Woman, Rocky Mountain PPA, 1971 PL 6 The National Award Presented to John D. Eccles for Service to Professional PL 7 In Grateful Appreciation to John D. Eccles for Distinguished Service in the Establishment and Dedication of the Ogden Union Station October 21, 1978 PL 8 R.M.P.P.A 1968-69 Board, John Eccles PL 9 “Problems Anonymous Action Group, Inc. for meritorious service in furthering the aims of the organization confers upon John D. Eccles representing Marriner S. Eccles Foundation,” 1982 “One Golden Hern” In box 14

Box 14 Oversized, Trophies and Plaques, Trophies Vera Rudd Eccles

TR 1 I.P.P.A. 1966, Unclassified 2nd Vera Rudd TR 2 I.P.P.A. 1967, Creative 2nd Vera Rudd TR 3 I.P.P.A. 1967, Unclassified 1st Vera Rudd TR 4 I.P.P.A. 1970, Portrait Color 3rd Vera Eccles TR 5 I.P.P.A. Photo Exhibit 1971 2nd, Finished Product Vera E. Eccles TR 6 I.P.P A. 1972 Finished Product 2nd Place Vera Eccles, Broken Plaques PL 1 “We extend grateful appreciation to Vera Eccles for her service and dedication as a member of the Board of Trustees of St. Benedict’s Foundation 1987-1990 PL 2 See Box 13 PL 9

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