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  • Abstract

    The Marriott-Slaterville Collections was donated by the city of Marriot-Slaterville which was incorporated in 1999 in a merger of the smaller communities of Marriott and Slaterville. The city comprises 7.3 square miles and was settled in 1852 by the Perry, Smout, Marriott and Field families with many of their relatives still residing in the city; including relatives of J. Willard Marriott the Hotelier.

    This collection was donated in binders and CD’s many of which were digital copies of what were in the binders. The collection has been separated into what was in the binders and the CDs. The binders were kept in their original order, but separated into forms of government, Marriott Township and Miscellaneous office files.

    The Digital material has been separated into Oral histories and the history of Marriott-Slaterville, which includes Autobiographies, monthly histories and a story.

  • Arrangement

    Box 1

    FD 1 Forms of County Government

    FD 2 Forms of County and Municipal Government- Digital Copies (2CDs)

    FD 3 Forms of Municipal Government

    Marriott Township

    FD 4 1993 Incorporation Efforts- Digital Copy (2CDs)

    FD 5 1993 Incorporation Efforts

    General Township Folder 1994-1997

    FD 6 Digital Copy (2CDs)

    FD 7 State Code

    FD 8 Ordinances

    FD 9 WACOT

    FD 10 Community

    FD 11 Research/Memos

    FD 12 Notes

    Box 2 Marriott Township, General Township Folder 1994-1997

    FD 1 Members

    FD 2 News

    Planning and Zoning 1997-1999

    FD 3 Digital Copy (2CDs)

    FD 4 One of Three

    FD 5 Two of Three

    FD 6 Three of Three

    Township Election Plan 1996

    FD 7 Digital Copy (2CDs)

    FD 8 Township Election Plan 1996

    Marriott-Slaterville, General Incorporation File 1997-1999

    FD 9 Digital Copy (2CDs)

    FD 10 Code/Cases

    FD 11 Notes/Correspondence

    Box 3 Marriott-Slaterville, General Incorporation File 1997-1999

    FD 1 Annexation

    FD 2 Petition

    FD 3 Feasibility

    FD 4 Loose Items in Folder

    Utah Township Summit

    FD 5 Digital Copy (2CDs)

    FD 6 Utah Township Summit

    Miscellaneous Office Files Circa 1990s

    FD 7 Digital Copy (2CDs)

    FD 8 Correspondence

    FD 9 Weber County Commissioner Notes

    FD 10 Weber County Feasibility Study 1993

    FD 11 Revised Analysis of County Study Long/Short Versions

    FD 12 Incorporation Plan

    FD 13 Maps/Legal Description

    FD 14 Weber County Assessor/Property Tax

    FD 15 Utah State Tax Commission Revenue Information

    FD 16 Utah League of Cities and Towns

    FD 17 Outdated/Old Material

    Box 4 Miscellaneous Office Files Circa 1990s

    FD 1 Miscellaneous

    Digital History

    FD 2 Autobiographies: Madeline Marriott Harrop, Ida Marriott Kyle, Charles Arthur Marriott, Mary Farley Marriott

    History of Marriott-Slaterville

    FD 3 Volume 1, 1850-2000

    FD 4 Volume 1, Appendices 1850-2000

    FD 5 Volume 2, 2001

    FD 6 Volume 3, 2002

    FD 7 Volume 4, 2003

    FD 8 Volume 5, 2004

    FD 9 Volume 6, 2005

    FD 10 Volume 7, 2006

    FD 11 Volume 8, 2007

    FD 12 Volume 9, 2008

    FD 13 Marriott Slaterville Collection PDF’s 1850-2008

    FD 14 Monthly History of Marriott-Slaterville 1999-2003 to 2004-2008

    FD 15 The History and Effect of Apostasy on a Small Mormon Community

    History of Slaterville

    FD 16 2000

    Oral Histories

    FD 17 Brown, Connie

    FD 18 Butler, Keith Hudson

    FD 19 Hodson, Carl

    FD 20 Holley, Orvil

    FD 21 Lewis, Adele Bryan

    FD 22 McFarland, Lila Beverly

    FD 23 Powell, Julian Morris

    FD 24 Shurtleff, Laree Jesup Elmer