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Western Literature Association Collection

Identifier: MS-345

Scope and Contents

The Western Literature Association collection contains essays submitted to the thirteenth and

fourteenth annual meetings of the association, 1978 and 1979 respectively; along with their

corresponding agenda. The collection also contains submissions to the fifteenth and sixteenth

conferences, (1980 and 1981), but these later two only contain a few essays and do not include

their agendas.

The Western Literature Association was founded in 1965 as a scholarly association to encourage

the study of the North American West’s culture and literature, both past and present. The

association holds conferences to share the research accumulated within a certain time frame. The

association also publishes its journal, Western American Literature, a leading journal in western

American literary studies.

The collection is broken up into four series one for each annual meeting: the thirteenth annual

meeting, the fourteenth annual meeting, the fifteenth annual meeting and the sixteenth annual

meeting. Each series is arranged alphabetically by author, with titles listed below.


  • 1978 - 1981


2 Boxes

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Box 1

Thirteenth Annual Meeting, 1978

FD 1 1978 Agenda

FD 2 Arthur, Anthony

“Straight Talk in Missoula: A Conversation with Dorothy M. Johnson”

“The Hanging Tree”

FD 3 Broten, Arthur

“Sons of La Belle France: Frenchmen in Novels of the Fur Trade”

FD 4 Flora, Joseph M.

“Allusion and Archetype in The Ox-Bow Incident”

FD 5 Ford, Thomas W.

“American Self-Realization as Self-Destruction in A. B. Guthries’s The

Big Sky”

FD 6 Haslam, Gerald

“Armenian-American Writers”

FD 7 Maguire, James H.

“Mary Austin’s The Arrow-Makers: Regionalism, Feminism, and Western


FD 8 McAllister, Mick

“Assaying the Mother Lode: Frederick Manfred’s Katherine King” “Wolf that I am…: Animal Symbology in The Buckskin Man Tales”

FD 9 Morton, Beatrice K.

“Justice from Men or Gods: Thematic Conflicts in Manfred’s King of


“An Early Stage of Fisher’s Journey to the East: Passions Spin the Plot”

FD 10 Safrank, William P.

“Violence in Cranes The Blue Hotel”

FD 11 Taylor, Golden J.

“The Thematic Significance of Rosasharn”

FD 12 Westbrook, Max

“Myth or Reality: A Pocket Dictionary”

Fourteenth Annual Meeting, 1979

FD 13 1979 Agenda

FD 14 Aly, Lucile F.

“Poetry and History in Neihardt’s A Cycle of the West”

FD 15 Bakker, Jan

“Edward Abbey’s Desert Pastoral”

FD 16 Baurecht, William C.

“Messianic Masculinity in Ken Kesey’s West”

FD 17 Bellman, Samuel I.

“Recycling Billy the Kid in California: Charles Neider’s The Aunthentic

Death of Henry Jones”

“Post Modern Humor in Alvin Greenberg’s The Invention of the West”

FD 18 Benton, Robert M.

“John Nichols’ Social Thesis Fiction”

FD 19 Bloodworth, William

“Down Wister’s Trail with Clarence Mulford and B.M. Bower”

“Three Versions of a Mountain Man”

FD 20 Buckland, Roscoe

“The Virginian and the Johnson County War: A Study in ‘Frontier


“The First American Indian”

FD 21 Busby, Mark

“Eugene Manlove Rhodes: Ken Kesey Passed Here”

FD 22 Clayton, Lawrence

“‘To Be or Not To Be: Solutions by Waters, Momaday, Silko, and Welch”

` “Epic Qualities in Kelton’s The Wolf and the Buffalo”

FD 23 Cohen, Katharine W.

“Perspectives on The Cheyenne Exodus by Henry, Fast and Sandoz”

FD 24 Day, George F.

“Dark Bridwell: Vardis Fisher’s Frontier Lear”

“Mountain Man: Sam Minard’s Conversion from Hatred to Love”

FD 25 Dean, James L.

“The Tamed and the Tainted: Land in Faulkner’s The Bear and H.L.

Davis’ Winds of Morning”

FD 26 Enders, Pat

“A discussion of The Long Poem”

FD 27 Graham, Don

“The Tin Star and High Noon: From Source to Film”

FD 28 Grover, Dorys C.

“The Totems of the Haida Indians of the Alaska Panhandle”

“Folklore in Bowie’s Mine by Elmer Kelton”

FD 29 Harbert, Earl N.

“Clarence King (1842-1901): Some Clues to Psycho-Biography”

FD 30 Hauck, Richard Boyd

“A Constant Dream of My Childhood: Angling and Nostalgia in Richard

Brautigan’s Fiction”

FD 31 Hollow, John

“Deathwind: Zane Grey’s Wetzel”

FD 32 Hoilman, Dennis

“The Nash Garcia Case: A New Mexico Murder in Fact and Fiction”

Box 2

Fourteenth Annual Meeting, 1979

FD 1 Johnson, Nancy J.

“Style and Symbol in Kathleen Fraser’s New Shoes: A New West Coast


FD 2 Moorty, S. S.

“A Note on the Animal Imagery and Symbolism in McTeague”

FD 3 Meldrum, Barbara

“Western American Pastoral Fiction: The Example of Guthrie”

FD 4 McDonald, Larry

“Martin Chuzzlewit: The American Adam in Victorian Fiction”

FD 5 Lambert, Neal E.

“America’s Second Errand into the Wilderness: The Mormon Journal as


FD 6 Kaye, Frances W.

“The 49 th Parallel and the 100 th Meridian—Some Lines for Thought”

FD 7 Morrow, Patrick D.

“Mental Retardation in The Sound and the Fury”

“The Last Picture Show”

FD 8 Morsberger, Katharine M.

“Cyrus Townsend Brady’s Recollections of a Missionary in the Great


FD 9 Morsberger, Robert E.

Sexuality and Stereotypes Aboard Steinbeck’s Wayward Bus”

“The Inconsistent Octopus”

FD 10 Moseley, Ann

“The Western vs. The Southern Point of View in Willa Carters Fiction”

FD 11 Murphy, John J.

“A Statement on My Title: Willa Carter’s Best Western Stories”

“One of Curs as American Naturalism”

FD 12 Palumbo, Linda

“Working Papers: The Feminist Press Out West”

FD 13 Putnam, Jackson

“Historical Fact and Literary Truth: The Problem of Authenticity in

Western American Literature”

FD 14 Quantic, Diane Dufva

“Growing Up in the Middle West: A Comparison of Sociological and

Literary Works”

“Regional Literature as a Model for Living in a Shrinking World”

FD 15 Robinson, Forrest G.

“Why I Killed My Brother: An Essay on Mark Twain”

FD 16 Roripaugh, Robert

“East in Not Necessarily East: Melville’s Typee as Related to American

Frontier Experience and Literature of the 1830s and 1740s”

FD 17 Rothfork, John

“James Steele: New Mexico’s First Local Colorist”

FD 18 Saucerman, James R.

“The Prairie Melts…Into Art”

FD 19 Schramm, Richard R.

“The Watchful Gods and The Morning Watch: Religion and Initiation in Clark and


FD 20 Steinberg, Alan L.

“When White Men Look at the Indian: Zane Grey’s The Vanishing American and

Colin Stuart’s Walks Far Woman”

FD 21 Steinmetz, Lee

“Immortal Youth Astride a Dream: The Cowboy in Western American Poetry”

FD 22 Wolford, Chester L.

“Edward Dorn’s Slinger: The Heroic Impulse in the Post Modern American Long


FD 23 Townsley, Richard

“The Probability of Tragedy in Western American Literature”

FD 24 Vielkind, Ann

“Brautigan’s Dance Odyssey”

FD 25 Vorpahl, Ben Merchant

“The Other End of the World: Owen Wister, Harold Frederic, and a Dead

Day Out of the West”

FD 26 Wahlstrom, Billie J.

“The Fault Line and the Final Frontier: The West Coast in Women’s

Science Fiction”

FD 27 Weigle, Marta

“The Penitente Brotherhood in Southwestern Fiction: A Case Study in

Folklife and Literature”

FD 28 Whipp, Leslie T.

“Frederick Manfred’s The Golden Bowl as Epic”

“The Way to Rainy Mountain as Classical Epic”

FD 29 Work, James C,

“Owen Wister’s Eastern Audience”

“The Moral in Austin’s The Land of Little Rain”

Fifteenth Annual Meeting, 1980

FD 30 Maik, Thomas A.

“The Village in Tom Sawyer: Myth and Reality”

Sixteenth Annual Meeting, 1981

FD 31 McCord, Nancy Neleson

“Manfred’s Developing Vision of the Sexes”

FD 32 McClure, Charlotte S.

“The Mayaad: An Epic in Process”

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