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Larkin Mortuary Collection

Identifier: MS-192


Records of the Larkin Family Mortuary


  • Creation: 1888 - 1982


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Larkin and Linquist

Fd 1 Larkin and Linquist Letter: November 21, 1887

George W. Larkin & Sons

Fd 2 Letter from E. P. Ferguson introducing Alma Larkin on George W.

Larkin & Sons Letterhead: July 26, 1910

Fd 3 George W. Larkin & Sons envelope to Alma Larkin (LDS mission

to England): 1910

Fd 4 George W. Larkin & Sons letterhead and envelope

Larkin Undertaking Company

Fd 5 Extracts from a sermon delivered by President Woodruff on Larkin

Undertaking Co. letterhead: November 1, 1891

Fd 6 List of names on Larkin Undertaking Co. Letterhead

Fd 7 Telegram from T. L. Jones to Larkin Undertaking: December 26,


Fd 8 Bill from Salt Lake Telegram for funeral ad to Larkin Undertaking:

March 9, 1924

Fd 9 Bill to Augustus Brown from Larkin Undertaking: Feb. 19, 1926

Fd 10 Bill from Salt Lake Casket Co. to Larkin Undertaking: March 12,


Fd 11 Larkin Undertaking Co. Letterhead

Larkin-Hull Undertaking Company

Fd 12 Bill to Joseph Wheeler from Larkin-Hull Undertaking: Jan. 4, 1912

Fd 13 Receipt from Utah Light and Railway Co to Larkin-Hull: October

30, 1912

Fd 14 Bill to Mrs. William Rutherford from Larkin-Hull: May 1, 1915

Larkin Mortuary Company

Fd 15 Bill to Jane R. Burt from Larkin Mortuary Co.: June 3, 1940

Fd 16 Bill to Quartermaster Wright Field for services of Lt. Claude Luke

from Larkin Mortuary: December 8, 1941

Fd 17 Bill to Quartermaster 381 st Fighter Squadron for Lt. Carl Lucas

Kiesig from Larkin: October 28, 1943

Fd 18 Larkin Mortuary Co. Envelope

Larkin & Sons Mortuary Company

Fd 19 Larkin & Sons Mortuary Co. Account Balance

Tooele Mortuary Company

Fd 20 Tooele Mortuary Co.- Larkin & Donnellon letterhead


Fd 21 Correspondence- Berkeley Bunker to Jay Larkin: May 1, 1962

Fd 22 Correspondence- Leo Goates to Elijah and Alma Larkin: Jan 12, 1945

Fd 23 Correspondence- Will Holmes to George Larkin: October 25, 1912

Fd 24 Correspondence- Sentinel Security Life Insurance Co. to Alma

Larkin: June 9, 1958

Fd 25 Correspondence- Warren Funeral Home to Larkin Mortuary:

August 14, 1954 & September 2, 1954

Services and Funerals performed

Fd 26 Correspondence concerning the body of Roy R. Arnold: 1954

(Includes embalmer’s report)

Fd 27 Correspondence regarding David O. McKay’s Funeral: 1970

(Includes newspaper articles, letters from First Presidency,

Missionary Committee & David L. McKay)

Fd 28 Newspaper Article- Funeral of President Tanner- Deseret NewsL

November 30, 1982

Fd 29 Newspaper Picture of LeGrand Richards’ Funeral

Fd 30 Newspaper Articles regarding Immanuel David and Family

Funeral: August 1978

Larkin Family

Fd 31 Newspaper Articles- Larkin Funeral Home

Fd 32 George Larkin- Royal Humane Society Bronze Medal Report: July

17, 1861

Fd 33 George Larkin- Death Certificate: June 13, 1927

Fd 34 Alma Larkin- Receipts from California College of Embalming:


Fd 35 Alma Larkin- Quotes: December 11, 1942 (Also from Nellie Jane


Fd 36 Alma Larkin- Salt Lake Meter Water Rate: 1921

Other Mortuaries

Fd 37 Deseret Mortuary

Fd 38 Linquist Mortuary

Fd 39 Joseph E. Taylor, Dr.- Bills, Advertisements, Letterhead of S. M.

Taylor & Co. (successors)

Fd 40 Undertakers Advertisements: 1888-1919


Fd 41 Photographs- Heber J. Grant Funeral: 1945

Fd 42 Photographs- Larkin Funeral Home

Fd 43 Photographs- Mortuary Convention

Addendum 2005

Fd 44 Pamphlet from Larkin Mortuary (includes photographs of Ogden

and Salt Lake buildings)

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