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The H. E. Prall Manuscript Collection

Identifier: MS-108


This collection was found in the attic of the Chapel of the Flowers Mortuary in Ogden, Utah. The papers were stuffed in an old leather satchel. The collection consists of numerous poems, a small number of articles, a number of news clippings, and two letters.

The words “H. E. Prall, Prairie Poet” are handwritten on many of the manuscript items. There are also news clippings of a column of “Open Forum by H. E. Prall.” The clippings are undated; however, some of them are identified as columns from the Star Valley Independent , Star Valley, Wyoming.

Many of the poems are written about the land, homesteading, war, and the depression. One could assume from reviewing the collection that much of the writing was done during the “Great Depression” of the 1930's, by H. E. Prall as he wandered the intermountain states.


  • Creation: 1930 - 1939


3 Boxes

Language of Materials




FD 1 “A Christmas Pageant”

FD 2 “A Home in Dreamland”

FD 3 “A King’s Requiem”

FD 4 “A Procession of Heroes” and “The Champions of Right”

FD 5 “A Reminiscence”

FD 6 “A Sunrise”

FD 7 “A Wonderful Life”

FD 8 “Adventure”

FD 9 “Almost,” “Perhaps,” and “Let’s Go”

FD 10 “As Sure as Fate”

FD 11 “Be Kind”

FD 12 “Be Thou My Guide”

FD 13 “Change and Decay”

FD 14 “Charity”

FD 15 “Clothes”

FD 16 “The Code Word”

FD 17 “The Cow Ranch”

FD 18 “Diana of the Plains”

FD 19 “Dreams Which Pass in the Night”

FD 20 “Each Day is New”

FD 21 “Farm Relief” and “A Timely Hint”

FD 22 “For Those Who Care”

FD 23 “Friends”

FD 24 “Ghost City”

FD 25 “God’s Day”

FD 26 “Good Manners” and “The Modernist”

FD 27 “Heaven or Hell”

FD 28 “Hicks” and “What is Life?”

FD 29 “Home”

FD 30 “Hope, the Ground-Work”

FD 31 “I Had Closed the Door”

FD 32 “The Iliad of the Pralls”

FD 33 “In Memory”

FD 34 “If Wishes were Horses”

FD 35 “In Solemn Session”

FD 36 “In the Desert Wastes of Nevada”

FD 37 “In the Silent Places”

FD 38 “Inspiration”

FD 39 “Invitation”

FD 40 “Just Foolishness”

FD 41 “Just Yours”

FD 42 “Life”

FD 43 “Life Begins Today”

FD 44 “Life’s Transient Dream”

FD 45 “Lincoln”

FD 46 “Love”

FD 47 “The Lure of the Wasteland”

FD 48 “Man Proposes”

FD 49 “Man, the Mystery” and “Prayer for the Horse”

FD 50 “Meditation”

FD 51 “Me”

FD 52 “Memorial Day” and “The Right Spirit on Mother’s Day”

FD 53 “Mother” and “When the Day is Done”

FD 54 “My Aloha”

FD 55 “My Boy”

FD 56 “My Childhood Home”

FD 57 “My Commorance”

FD 58 “My Faith”

FD 59 “My Faith in You”

FD 60 “My First Love”

FD 61 “My Heartstrings are Wrapped ‘Round Your Fingers”

FD 62 “My Hope”

FD 63 “My Lonesome Road”

FD 64 “My Mother”

FD 65 “My Pets”

FD 66 “My Youthful Love”

FD 67 “Nature in the Rain”

FD 68 “New Fork Lake”

FD 69 “No Progress Without Justice”

FD 70 “O, What is Man?”

FD 71 “Old Mexico”

FD 72 “Old Montana”

FD 73 “Only Another War”

FD 74 “Our Christmas Hope”

FD 75 “Our Freedom”

FD 76 “Our Hobbies”

FD 77 “Peace”

FD 78 “The Pathway to the Future”

FD 79 “Popular Thrills”

FD 80 “Pretty Poetry”

FD 81 “Queen Alice”

FD 82 “Rattlesnake Ranch in the Pass”

FD 83 “Remember”

FD 84 “Renunciation”

FD 85 “Retrospect” and an untitled poem

FD 86 “The Right Spirit of Mother’s Day” and “Count Your Blessings”

FD 87 “Sentiment”

FD 88 “Sermons in Rhyme”

FD 89 “Strange Harbors”

FD 90 “Success”

FD 91 “Sunshine After Rain”


FD 1 “That House Not Made With Hands”

FD 2 “That Old Team of Mine”

FD 3 Those Old-time Songs”

FD 4 “The Average Man”

FD 5 “The Beautiful Character”

FD 6 “The Booster”

FD 7 “The Call of Duty”

FD 8 “The Champion”

FD 9 “The Champions of Duty”

FD 10 “The Cheer of the Meadow-Lark”

FD 11 “The Christ We Need, Where is He?”

FD 12 “The Christmas Spirit”

FD 13 “The Church Today”

FD 14 “The Cow-Ranch”

FD 15 “The Dry Land Farmer

FD 16 “The Failure” and “The Handicap”

FD 17 “Farm Problems”

FD 18 “The Farm Shelter”

FD 19 “The Farmer’s Best Crop”

FD 20 “The Fight”

FD 21 “The First Mile”

FD 22 “The Flight of the Crane”

FD 23 “The Friendly Smile”

FD 24 “The Garden of Life” and “Prophet, Priest, and King”

FD 25 “The Globe-Trotter”

FD 26 “The Golden Fleece” and “You and Me Both”

FD 27 “The Golden Rule”

FD 28 “The Gray Dawn”

FD 29 “The Happiness Trail”

FD 30 “The Heroism of the Mass”

FD 31 “The Home of Morpheus”

FD 32 “The Joy of Living”

FD 33 “The Knocker”

FD 34 “The Ladies’ Aid”

FD 35 “The Land O’ Dreams”

FD 36 “The Living Christ”

FD 37 “The Last Day of School”

FD 38 “The Lord Clothed Himself with Gideon”

FD 39 “The Lord’s Prayer”

FD 40 “The Message of the Woodland”

FD 41 “The Modern Wanderlust”

FD 42 “The Mother’s Heart”

FD 43 “The Need of Heroism”

FD 44 “The New World”

FD 45 “The New Year”

FD 46 “The Old West”

FD 47 “The Port of Lonesome Men”

FD 48 “The Prime of Life”

FD 49 “The Prodigal”

FD 50 “The Prince of Peace”

FD 51 “The Promised Land”

FD 52 “The Quest” and “That Eternal Serial”

FD 53 “The Rancho”

FD 54 “The Speaker”

FD 55 “The Steen’s Mountain Blues”

FD 56 “The Successful Farmer”

FD 57 “The Test” and “To Miss Elizabeth Terry”

FD 58 “The Toils of the Load and the End of the Road”

FD 59 “The Troubles that Never Come” and “If”

FD 60 “The Vassal”

FD 61 “The Village of the Plain”

FD 62 “The West, and You”

FD 63 “The Whistlin’ Carpenter”

FD 64 “The White Cane”

FD 65 “The Winds that Blow on the Prairie”

FD 66 “The Woodland Bower” and “The Need of Heroism”

FD 67 “Those Women”

FD 68 “Three Views”

FD 69 “To a Lovely Lady”

FD 70 “To a Wild Horse”

FD 71 “To Al”

FD 72 “To Mary”

FD 73 “To Mrs. Black”

FD 74 “Two Friends”

FD 75 “Vagrant Verse”

FD 76 “Washington”

FD 77 “We Have Cause to be Thankful”

FD 78 “What Things are Great”

FD 79 “When Day is Done”

FD 80 “When I Retire”

FD 81 “When It’s Winter in the Wasatch”

FD 82 “When Spring Comes ‘Round”

FD 83 “When the Boy Leaves Home”

FD 84 “When the Boy Leaves the Home on the Farm”

FD 85 “When the Broncs Crook Their Necks” and “Light Out”

FD 86 “Where Freedom Rules”

FD 87 “Where She Went”

FD 88 “Where Your Treasure Is” and “The Test”

FD 89 “Who are the Rich?”

FD 90 “Winter Farmin’”

FD 91 “Work”

FD 92 “Whom Do You Thank?”

FD 93 “Whence Cometh My Strength”

FD 94 “Yesterday’s Trail”

FD 95 “Your Church”

FD 96 “Youth Shall Not Mate With Age”


FD 1 Fragments of poems, page sequence unknown.

FD 2-8 Unfinished work.

FD 9-23 Untitled work.

FD 24 Articles. “Be Yourself,” “Wild Horses,” and “Good Teamsters.”

FD 25 Articles. Unfinished work.

FD 26 Articles. Unfinished work.

FD 27 Letter from Loretta Reed, July 27, 1939.

FD 28 Fragment of letter to “Mary.”

FD 29-34 Miscellaneous clippings include poetry published in Star Valley Independent, Afton, Wyoming, Wolf Creek Herald, Wolf Creek,

Montana, other identified newspapers; news columns, “open

forum,” Star Valley Independent; Radio talks on KGCX.

FD 35 Short story, “Old Joe’s Sermon.”

FD 36 Miscellaneous

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Part of the WSU Stewart Library Special Collections Repository

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