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Worth Wheelright Photograph Collection

Identifier: P-44


Photographs of the Wheelwright Lumber Co., historic buildings in Ogden, Utah, the Wheelwright family and the Rabbits for the Poor Drive during the Great Depression. There are also proof sheets and negatives to these photographs. All photograph sheets are black and white and 7 ½ x 10, unless otherwise noted.


  • 1900 - 1977


1 Boxes


1 Early photograph of Washington Avenue with a street car and the mountains in the background.

2 Ogden’s city hall park and downtown in the early 1900's. Photo courtesy of Glen Perkins.

3 A panoramic view of Lincoln and 25th street 9 ½ x 14.

4 Fountain like structures in Artesian Park in Ogden Canyon.

5 Concrete reservoir constructed by Wheelwright Construction Co. in Ogden Utah.

6 Exterior of the old post office building, Ogden. 1920.

7 Exterior of The Ogden Banking Co. with a row of delivery trucks parked in front.

8 Exterior of The old Ogden LDS tabernacle.

9 Exterior of Ogden High before 1937. Later it became Central Jr. High school.

10 Exterior of the Elks lodge or the Library.

11 Exterior of Madison School in the winter.

12 Exterior of Sacred Heart Academy.

13 Exterior of Carnegie Free Library.

14 Back porch of a deteriorating Victorian home.

15 Rear of deteriorating Victorian home.

16 Front of deteriorating Victorian home.

17 Front of Wheelwright Lumber Co. 1965.

18 Front of Wheelwright Limber Co. Looking west.

19 Front of Wheelwright Lumber Co. and other buildings looking east.

20 Buildings with Wheelwright Lumber Co. in the far right.

21 A two story building on a street corner. The Wheelwright Lumber Co. is down the street on the right.

22 Main door to the Lumber Co. looking inside.

23 The interior of the Lumber Co. facing the front windows.

24 Interior of the Lumber Co. facing the offices.

25 Interior and two customers of the Wheelwright Lumber Co.

26 Office and office workers at the Wheelwright Lumber Co. July 1977.

27 Two men working in the workshop surrounded by doors and cabinetry.

28 Two men working in the workshop surrounded by doors and cabinetry.

29 Mr. Buckman and Solomon Wheelwright with a horse and flat bed wagon in the lumber yard. 1910.

30 Man in forklift hauling lumber.

31 Open air lumber yard.

32 Man on forklift hauling lumber with two men walking in background.

33 Lumber yard with a man walking in the background.

34 Looking down on the lumber yard from a roof.

35 Just outside the back of the lumber yard.

36 Looking down from a roof at the loading dock area of the lumber yard. July 1977.

37 A small corner of the lumber yard with a cinder block building in the background.

38 A house next to Wheelwright Lumber Co. being demolished.

39 A house being demolished by a caterpillar.

40 A man on Caterpillar removing the front of the house

41 The front of the house falling in. The front of caterpillar on the left.

42 The caterpillar demolishing the side of the house. White picket fence in the left hand corner.

43 A closer shot of caterpillar demolishing the side of the house. White picket fence in the left hand corner.

44 The house being torn down. There is a man on the roof.

45 The front of the Ogden LDS 12th ward janitors home.

46 Two photographs of the roof being re-shingled.

47 Close up of the roof of the Janitors home.

48 Interior of the front room facing fire place and front door.

49 Interior of the front room facing fire place and front door.

50 Interior facing an outside door and a double wide Victorian sliding door.

51 Corner of a room with a book shelf and a broken window.

52 Kitchen looking towards a window with a view of a brick wall.

53 Kitchen with porch door in left hand corner and a brick wall outside the window.

54 Attic room facing window.

55 The bathroom with tub and sink.

56 Thomas and Solomon Wheelwright as boys.

57 Four women on a porch with the note, “Mrs. Blaine Ramsden (center) Elsie Wheelwright Hyrum’s sister.”

58 Two pictures: The first photograph is of two women in sailor style dresses standing. The other photograph is of two boys in suits, spats and hats sitting.

59 Four Photographs: 1.Frank Wheelwright; 2.Unknown woman in sailor style dress and overcoat; 3.Frank with woman in overcoat; 4.Frank with two women.

60 Four Photographs and a note that reads, “son of one of the 13 wheelwright children. 1.Frank wheelwright. 2.Frank sitting with his head resting on the shoulder of a woman in a white blouse. 3.Frank standing with woman in white blouse. 4.Frank with woman in white blouse and woman in overcoat.

61 Two photographs: 1.A man standing in front of a truck strung with ducks. 2.Three young girls in front of a tree.

62 Five Photographs: 1.Ducks strung up and a man with a gun. 2.Frank Wheelwright sitting with two girls. 3.Lance Wheelwright outside home. 4.Boy in t-shirt and jeans standing outside home. 5.Woman in sweater and hat leaning against a tree.

63 Five photographs: 1.Old Wheelwright house- 25th street, Sol, Pearl, Ethyl and Quince on porch. 2.Pearl Lockheart house on 26th street. 3.Man on ladder with woman in front. 4.Three men by two trees. 5.Woman in dark clothing in front of a tree.

64 Wheelwright family reunion.

65 Men on horse back and foot hunting for rabbits in the snow covered scrub brush. 1930's.

66 Group of hunters. 1930's.

67 Large pile of dead rabbits with hunters in the back ground. 1930's.

68 A line of hunters with rabbits in the for ground. 1930's.

69 A washed out photograph of the hunters and the rabbit pile. 1930's.

70 Front of the Wheelwright Bros. Merc. Co. In Mississippi. 1900.

71 Man in front of a steam engine driven cement mixer.

72 Two women in white outside the old Dee hospital.

73 The Ogden LDS 12th ward Sunday school, ca. 1920.

74 Cross section of a 900 year old Redwood with dates on it back to the signing of the Magna Carta.

75 Photograph of a news clipping about the Redwood slab.

76 Proof sheet and set of negatives for the above photographs

77 Proof sheet and set of negatives for the above photographs.

78 Proof sheet and set of negatives for the above photographs.

79 Proof sheet and set of negatives for the above photographs.

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