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Claude H. Pratt Utah Territorial Reform School and Utah State Industrial School Photograph Collection

Identifier: P-034


  • Creation: 1896 - 1974


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1 Administration Building, 1896. Exterior and grounds.

2 Administration Building, n.d. Exterior.

3 Administration Building, n.d. Exterior.

4 Abbott Cottage (boys dormitory), 1922. Exterior.

5 Gables Cottage (girls dormitory), n.d. Exterior and grounds.

6 Gables Cottage (girls dormitory), n.d. Exterior and grounds.

7 Nelson Hall after renovation in 1950. Exterior.

8 West Cottage (girls dormitory), n.d. Exterior.

9 East Cottage (boys dormitory), n.d. Exterior.

10a Aerial view of State Industrial School grounds, n.d.

10b Dairy farm and pasture, n.d.

11 Aerial view of State Industrial School, circa 1960.

12 Aerial view of State Industrial School, circa 1960.

13 Aerial view of State Industrial School, circa 1966.

14 Aerial view of State Industrial School, n.d.

15 Ground in winter, n.d.

16 Nelson Hall prior to demolition, 1968 or 1969.

17 Nelson Hall during demolition, 1968 or 1969.

18 Schoolroom (unidentified), n.d. Interior.

19 Huggins Cottage (girls dormitory), Vocational Building, and unidentified students, 1967.

20 Education Building, 1968. Exterior.

21 Community Services Building, n.d. Exterior and grounds.

22 Child’s Hall (boys dormitory), 1960. Exterior and grounds.

23 Child’s Hall (boys dormitory), 1961. Exterior and grounds.

24 Unidentified building, n.d. Exterior.

25 Unidentified building, n.d. Exterior.

26 Gates Hall (girls dormitory), 1963. Exterior looking northeast.

27 Gates Hall (girls dormitory), 1963. Exterior looking north.

28 Unidentified building under construction in 1960’s. Exterior.

29 Unidentified building under construction in 1960’s. Exterior.

30 Unidentified building under construction in 1960’s. Exterior.

31 Addition to vocational building, 1971. Exterior.

32 Students’ Cottage, 1964. Exterior looking east.

33 Students’ Cottage, 1964. Exterior looking north.

34 Gates Hall (girls dormitory), 1967; Beeley College for Students, 1967; Vocational Building, 1971. Exteriors.

35 Community Services Building, 1961; Gymnasium, 1966; L.D.S. (Mormon) Seminary Building, 1971. Exteriors.

36 Students’ Cottage, n.d. Exterior.

37 Superintendent’s home, n.d.; Abbott Cottage (boys dormitory), n.d.; Dairy, n.d. Exteriors and grounds.

38 Cafeteria dedication, 1968. Interiors. Aerial view of State Industrial School grounds, 1968.

39 Child’s Hall (boys dormitory), 1961. Interior.

40 Hinckley Hall (boys dormitory), 1960. Interior.

41 Nelson Hall (boys dormitory), 1954. Interior.

42 Decorated door of unidentified building. Probably room in girls dormitory, circa 1968.

43 (same as above)

44 Architect’s rendering of kitchen and dining facility, 1967.

45 Indian pottery display, n.d.

46 Heating system and maintenance work, Mr. Maxfield, n.d. Interior.

47-51 Kitchen work area, 1970. Interior.

52-54 Cafeteria dining area, 1970. Interior.

55-57 Automobile mechanics workshop, circa 1960. Interiors.


58 Governor William, circa 1900.

59 Algie Ballif (Welfare Commissioner), LaMont Gunderson, (Welfare Commissioner), Glen Swenson (Utah State Building Board Member), and Frank Gates (Retiring employee at State Industrial School) at Utah State Industrial School building dedication, 1966.

60 Governor Calvin Rampton, Ward C. Holbrook (Welfare Commissioner), Dr. Arthur Beeley (Dean of School of Sociology, U of U), and Leona Huggins (Member of the Utah State Industrial School Citizens Advisory Board) at the Utah State Industrial School building ceremony., 1966.

61 Mr. and Mrs. (Dorothy) Claud Pratt, Superintendent of Utah State Industrial School (1951 – 1976), 1974.

62-64 Superintendent Claud Pratt (1951 – 1976) n.d.

65-66 Superintendent Claud Pratt and publishing company representative admiring new set of encyclopedia, 1954.

67 Superintendent Claud Pratt, Utah State Welfare Commissioner Lamont Gunderson, and State Industrial School staff member DeLoy Blotter, 1962.

68 Superintendent Claud Pratt and State Industrial School Clinical Psychologist Richard Sowles, 1967. State Industrial School home Economics class fashion show and cosmetology demonstration, n.d.

69 State Industrial School staff meeting, circa 1970.

70 Superintendent Claud Pratt, n.d.

71 Superintendent Claud Pratt, Assistant Superintendent Donald Talton, and State Industrial School Social Worker, Lee Richeson, Circa 1960.

72 Superintendent J. Parley Kilburn and two unidentified State Industrial School staff members, 1949.

73-74 State Industrial School Director of Security Horace Hood, n.d.

75 Emma Johnson, Head Girls’ Supervisor, State Industrial School, circa 1958.

76 First Chairman of the Citizens’ Advisory Board Dr. Helmut Hoffman and State Industrial School staff members Dr. Jay W. McEntire, Dee Glasgoe, Carol Hines, Paul Rose, Ann Kleeb, and Olivia Tilletsen, circa 1972.

77 (Head Girls’ Supervisor Emola Lowe 1962-1984), n.d.

78-79 Clinical Psychologist Dr. Richard Sowles, n.d.

80 Business Manager John Miller, circa 1965.

81-82 Math Instructor Mrs. Baldazo, circa 1974.

83-84 Director of Vocational Education Hans Rasmussen, circa 1972.

85 Emola Lowe, Lester Carlson (Director of Education Dept.), John Miller, Don Tatton, circa 1974.

86 Claud Pratt, Emola Lowe, and Ann Kleeb (student instructor), circa 1974.

87 Staff meeting of major personal, 1959: Lester Carlson, Dale Westwood, Lee Richeson, Hans Rasmussen, Don Tatton, and Emma Johnson. Also Warren Allred (vocational education instructor) and Wilhelmina Tomlinson (kitchen aide), 1970’s.

88 Norman Lilly (social studies and political science instructor), Dr. Douglas Bates (school principle, 1971 – 1976), Fred Simonson (vocational education instructor), and George Schupe (maintenance worker), 1970’s.

89 Lindon Castle (science and math instructor), Linda Wolcott (elementary teacher), and Al Conter (Ogden School District Representative), 1970’s.

90 Mr. and Mrs. Baldazo (math instructor), 1970’s.

91 Joseph Watkins (maintenance supervisor), Mr. Kline (boys supervisor), Cleo Swaner (director of volunteer services), and Rona Maxfield (girls supervisor), 1960’s.

92 Huck Adelt (director of vocational training) and two student trainees with the owner of Ogden’s Harmon’s Restaurant, 1950’s.

93 State Industrial School staff meeting, and kitchen staff: Wilhelmina Tomlinson, Amy Richardson, and Howard Richardson, 1970’s.

94 Unidentified.

95 Vernal Holly (agriculture instructor), Sterling Brossard and Merrill Hermansen (Juvenile Court Justices), Dr. Bernie Garso (staff Psychologist), Ward Holdbrook (Commissioner) with Mabel Holdbrook and Edith Garner (Welfare Commissioner member), 1970’s.

96 Wilford Clark (painter), Dr. Hugh Moyes (dentist), Dr. Jay W. McEntire (physician), Lee Richeson (social worker).

97 Fred Hinckley (Member of Citizen’s Advisory Board), Rella Wallace (boys supervisor) and unidentified kitchen aides, 1970’s.

98 Claud Pratt and Dorothy Pratt with Dr. Helmut Hoffman, Utah State Legislatures, John Miller, and unidentified students, 1970’s.

99 George Chino (chef), Mr. and Mrs. Ward Holbrook, Tony Hassel (boys supervisor), Mark Nielson (physical education instructor), Gene Fullmer (former world Heavyweight Boxing Champion), Jim Chadwick (Director of Education), Sister Rosalie, and John R. Evans (Assistant Director of Education), 1970’s.

100 Ed Hanson (landscape worker), Mr. Butterfield (Acting Director of Education), and Bruno Kleeb (maintenance worker), 1970’s.

101 Dr. Douglas Bates (L.D.S. seminary director), and Claud Pratt with Jim Chadwick, 1970’s.

102 State Industrial School staff in front of Utah Capitol Building, circa 1950’s.

103 State Industrial School administrators and student caseworkers, circa 1960’s.

104 State Industrial School casework and placement staff, 1970’s.

105 Donald Tatton (third row, fourth from right) at Utah State Employee Institute, Snowbird, 1960’s.

106 State Industrial School boy scout group in Escalante, Utah, 1970’s.

107 Lee Richeson (social worker) hiking in Escalante, Utah, 1970’s.

108 Dedication of the State Industrial School gymnasium, 1966.

109 Caseworker’s meeting, circa 1965.

110 Lee Richeson (social worker) with Dale Westwood (caseworker), Don Tatton (Assistant Superintendent), and Les Carlson, circa 1965.

111 Wilford Clark with unidentified staff members, circa 1965.

112 Staff case conference, circa 1965.

113 Earl Chapman, Lee Richeson and Joel Millard at staff case conference, circa 1965.

114-115 Staff case conference, circa 1967.

116 Staff social workers meetings, 1960’s.

117 Don Tatton, staff meeting, and laying new sidewalk, 1960’s.

118 Claud Pratt with Dr. Arthur Beeley (Juvenile Court supervisor of parolees), Scott Matheson (auto mechanics instructor), 1960’s.

119 Group portrait with Lee Richeson, Les Carlson, Dorothy Pratt, David Pratt, Claud Pratt, Frank Gates, Melba Gates, Don Tatton, Horace Hood, Elma Salmon and Sumner Salmon, 1970’s.

120 Staff party, 1970’s; Horace Hood and Dave Jones (security supervisor).

121 State Industrial School business dinner, circa 1968.

122 Algie Balif (State Welfare Commissioner), John Miller (State Industrial School Officer Manager), Don Tatton, Eland Kirkham (Assistant Director of Social Services), 1960’s.

123 Lyle Miller (maintenance shop supervisor), n.d.

124-129 Legislation dinner at State Industrial School, 1970’s.

130-132 Staff Christmas dinner, circa 1965.



133 Boys group in front of West Cottage, 1919.

134 J. Parley Kilburn (Superintendent) with students and staff members, circa 1953.

135 Boys group in recreation room, circa 1953.

136-137 Boy Scout group in outing in Southern Utah, 1968.

138 Boys group with unidentified instructors, n.d.; girls group with Don Brimhall (vocational education instructor), 1960’s.

139 Claud Pratt with group of boys at Christmas party, n.d.; Boy Scouts’ Award presentation, n.d.; student group meeting, n.d.

140-143 Undisclosed.

144-145 Participants in girls fashion show, n.d.

146-147 Weldon Morgan (Assistant Boys’ Supervisor) and Rella Wallace admitting new students.

148 Dr. Lester Carlsen (Director of Education) greeting new students; Howard Richardson (chef) preparing meal; unidentified students, circa 1970.

149-151 Unidentified students.

152 Roland Lacey (maintenance worker), Sumner Salmon (vocational education instructor), Frank Gates (Welding and blacksmithing instructor), Don Brimhall (boys’ supervisor) with unidentified students, n.d.

153 Unidentified students.

154 Unidentified girls engaged in housekeeping duties, n.d.

155-158 Unidentified students during class change, circa 1970.

159 Unidentified students participating in gym class, baseball.

160 State Industrial School picnic, circa 1967.

161 Unidentified students studying at desks in boy’s dormitory.

162 Boys in Administration Building, cafeteria, circa 1960, and on grounds work detail, n.d.

163 Girls attending Thanksgiving dinner, circa 1967.

164-165 Claud Pratt at student’s Christmas party, circa 1967.

166 Unidentified boys on outing, n.d.

167-168 Unidentified students in cafeteria, circa 1970.

169-170 Unidentified student groups, circa 1967.

171-172 Students’ autumn party, 1958.

173 Unidentified students socializing between classes, circa 1967.

174 Secretary (unidentified) admitting new student, n.d.

175 Richard Youngberg (social worker) with unidentified student, 1966.

176 Grace Marsden (social worker) with unidentified student circa, 1966.

177-178 Sharon Orsund (social worker) with unidentified student, circa, 1966.

179 Testing of student by unidentified social worker, circa 1966.

180 Unidentified.

181-182 Unidentified girls with priest, circa 1965.

183 Unidentified students attending L.D.S. (Mormon) seminary class, circa 1967.

184 Group counseling session, circa 1960.

185-196 Unidentified classroom scenes, 1950’s and 1960’s.


197 Boys baseball, circa 1958

198 Boys baseball team, circa 1940.

199 Boys baseball team, circa 1965.

200-206 Boys football, 1960’s.

207 Boys football player injured, circa 1970.

208 Boys football team, circa 1970.

209 Boys football team in action, circa 1970.

210 Boys swimming at old gymnasium, n.d.

211 Boys basketball, circa 1960.

212 Boys jumping on the trampoline, circa 1960.

213 Boys calisthenics class, circa 1960.

214 Boys wrestling, circa 1960.

215-217 Girls’ calisthenics class, circa 1960.

218-219 Boys’ blind boxing, circa 1960.

220-226 Boys’ boxing team, circa 1960’s.

227 Fourth of July celebration and Roland Lacey instructing student in vocational education class, 1960’s.

228 Girls canning cherries, 1960’s.

229 Girls on laundry detail, 1960’s


230-236 Girls in home economics courses, 1960’s.

237-238 Boys baking bread, 1950’s

239-242 Cafeteria scenes, various dates.

243-249 Boys in shop classes, various dates.

250 Student typing class, circa 1965.

251-255 Boys in shop classes, circa 1960.

256-257 State Industrial School teams and wagons, circa 1930.

258 Young boys practicing barbering, circa 1930.

259 Students on outdoor work detail; John Miller (Business Manager); Al Warren (vocational education instructor), various dates.

260 Students on laundry detail; students on outdoor work detail; team of horses, n.d.

261-263 Sale of State Industrial School dairy herd, 1968.

264-265 Boys on farm detail, circa 1957.

266-268 Boys learning meat cutting and baking, circa 1957.

269-271 Dr. Hugh Moyer, dentist, examining unidentified students; teeth, circa 1957.



272-273 Nurse Roena James checking unidentified students in dining room of administration Building, circa 1957.

274-290 State Industrial School boy scout groups, various dates.

291-296 Boys’ theatrical production (title not given), 1939.

297 Girls’ theatrical production (title not given), circa 1939.

298 Interior of Abbot Cottage for girls, n.d.

299 Unidentified.

300 Students square dancing, circa 1965.

301 Miss Dee Gilasgow’s chorus, circa 1960.

302 Girls fashion show, circa 1950.

303-304 Girls’ chorus, circa 1950.

305-312 Students performing in Parents’ Day program, “Fiesta in Mexico,” 1954.

313-314 Unidentified student production, circa 1965.

316 Boys’ camping trip, 1960’s

317-321 Boys’ field trip to Dinosaur National Monument, 1970.

322 State Industrial School Library study hall, circa 1965.

323 Presentation of new furniture to Boys’ club by Kiwanis Club of Ogden, 1950.

324-325 Student counseling sessions, circa 1965.

326 Arbor Day ceremony at State Industrial School, 1952.

327 Campus view (n.d.): vocational education building, Abbot Cottage, gymnasium and school building.

328 Girls’ chorus, circa 1965.

329 Student counseling session, circa 1965.

330-340 Students participating in Fourth of July celebration, circa 1955.

341 The Grass Roots promotional photo, circa 1968.

342 Students watching television in Child’s Hall lounge, 1965.

343 Exhibit of handiwork done by State Industrial School students, n.d.

344 Band practice, circa 1965.

345 State Industrial School entry in Pioneer Day Parade, Ogden, circa 1954.

346 Claud Pratt addressing girls at girls’ home, circa 1962.

347 Nelson Hall dormitory for boys, n.d.

348-366 Unspecified student and staff activities, various dates.

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