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09. College of Science

 Record Group
Identifier: 09
This record group contains the records for the College of Science. When the school was transferred to the state in 1933 there were two science divisions, Biological Sciences and Physical Sciences. In 1937 They were combined to form the Division of Sciences. In 1938 the Division of Liberal Arts and the Division of Sciences combined to create the Division of Arts and Sciences. In 1940 the division was reorganized into the College Preparatory Division with the department structures abolished. In 1943 the College Preparatory reorganized into different divisions, two of which were the Life Sciences and Mathematics and Physical Sciences. Sometime between 1943 and 1967 the divisions became part of the Division of Humanities, Life Sciences, and Social Sciences. In 1967 it became part of the School of Arts, Letters, and Sciences. In 1975 the School split into three schools, one of which was the School of Natural Sciences.